Jon B Attends PETS


This past week, I had the distinct honour of being selected to attend the Pacific Northwest Presidents Elect Training conference in Seattle Washington.


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November 19/30 Love Kitimat

Rotarians took turns manning a table in the City Centre Mall for the Love Kitimat evening.  People came out to support local businesses and see what they had to offer.  Food, beer, kids zone.  A busy, happy evening for all.  We sold tickets for our Wine Tasting with the help of Kitimat Valley Housing Society's members.   Two smiling Lindas are pictured above Linda Thomson and Linda Campbell.  With a little persuasion, a passerby held up one of the mask , just getting into the Mardi Gras mood.
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Decorating at Delta King

November 24th, a day to be remembered for those of us stopping by Delta King Place to deliver cookies for the residents and put up Christmas decorations. Maryann gave Santa a call at the North Pole.  Could he make it?  His answer was sure.  Big smiles from both of them for this picture.
There was lots of laughter, standing on tip toes, humming a Christmas hummm, and nibbling on goodies. 
Residents were smiling as they appreciated the trays of cheese and cold cuts sent along by Meghan, and the fruit and veggies tray from Maryann.  The rest of us saw the table finished off with sweets. 
Jo, Gareen and Maryann packed little Christmas bags Saturday full to the brim with our home made best loved Christmas cookies for all 17 residents. 
And what a special feeling it was for us to see delight as Santa passed them out calling each resident by name. 
It was heartwarming  to hear stories about Christmas' past, and have the background Christmas music. 
We wish our Delta King friends the very happiest of Christmas.
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2019 Aluminum City Telethon

What a great way to start off our morning on Sunday October 20th!  We were on the phones at the Aluminum City Telethon.  And there was an added plus.  The bands from MEMSS were right in front of us, a high energy performance, certainly a treat to hear.  On occasion we were challenged to catch what callers were  saying, asking them to hold for a quieter moment.  Much credit goes to its organizers in the Kitimat Community Foundation.  Another reflection of our community of Kitimat coming together in the supporting spirit. 
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Rio Tinto celebrates 65!

September 21st was Employee Family Day at Rio Tinto.  Kitimat Works was alive with activity, a Kids Zone, BBQ, live bands and displays to showcase different departments at the plant.  One of the opportunities provided to a few people was an actual walk through to see the lines (how aluminum is produced).  Jo Hildebrandt was one of them.  Here she is with Linda Campbell and Gareen Ball.  What an effort to put on the protective clothing used by those working with hot metal. Jo was thrilled to have this experience.  A few Rotarians came out to volunteer their help.
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Living Room Live

Fellow Rotarian Robin and his wife Melanie hosted "Living room live" on September 15.  The two Musicians are Nicola Davies and Swayer Craig, Soprano both from Winnipeg.  It was a beautiful night of music and socializing.  Pianist Nicola Davies divides her time between opera & musical theatre, playing recitals, teaching, and working behind the scenes making art things happen.  Her theatre work emcompasses well over thirty productions as musical director and pianist, including Carmen with Opera Kelowna, La boheme with Opera NUOVA as assisted conductor, and many musicals with various BC companies.  She works with the University of Manitoba Musical Theatre Ensemble and with the nine to twelve year olds at Manitoba Theatre for young people. Nicola has toured throughout western Canada with cello piano duo Nate & Nina.  
Nicola has instigated various projects over the years including Secondary Characters Musical Theatre, for which she was Co-Artistic Director for nine years.  She is now the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Living Room Live, a house concert touring organization founded in 2018 to create intimate live music events for classical musicians and audiences.  As a perpetual student, studies have included a Masters in Collaborative Piano, Diploma in Voice Performance, Certificate in Conducting, and a Bachelor of Science.  
Many thanks to the Lapointe family, and the performers,  for a wonderful evening!
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Visit from District Governor Bala Naido

Kitimat Rotarians had a fun filled day August 27th.  It started out with a potluck bbq at Delta King Place, Kitimats Assisted Living Facility.  Rotarians brought their favourite salad or treats and shared with the residents that reside there.  The greatest part of the day was having a visit from District Governor Bala Naidoo, his lovely wife Vasi, and Chad Sallenback, Assistant to the District Governor.  Chad was busy at work bbqing the hotdogs and hamburgers for everyone, thanks for that Chad!  Lots of socializing took place, and lots of questions answered about how Assisted Living facilities work.  We were able to show the District Governor, Chad and Vasi, how we spent fundraising monies in the last year.  Kitimat Rotary donated twenty thousand dollars to the  kitchen renovation project.     Kitimat Rotarian Eleanor Kendell told residents the background story of the peace crane, and gifted all residents with their very own crane.  
The Bbq was followed by a meeting at the Hirsch Creek Golf Course, where some great conversations and brain storming took place regarding membership growth.  We thank Bala, Chad, and Vasi for the visit, and hope to see you all again soon!
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Nibblers and Wine

Thanks to all that attended our Nibblers and Wine event June 18th.  Rotarians wanted to thank all the volunteers and businesses who donated items, and those who helped put together our wine tasting evening in May.  
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Our 60th Anniversary Bench

  Kitimat Rotary celebrated 60 years running in Kitimat.  To celebrate and mark the day, Rotarians purchased a bench that was placed below the Haisla centre, right beside the beautiful totem pole in down town Kitimat.  Much credit goes to Rotarians Gaureen and Jo for starting this project off, and carrying it through.
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JIll Barrowman- Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce

What's Kitimat about, This lady is the answer!  Much has been happening at the Chamber over the last year or so.  Anyone passing by will see the bright paint job at the Gazebos.  Walk inside and the vivid colours are there too.  We now have a "slogan" Kitimat Bound.  Focus has been placed on workforce attraction.  An amphitheatre will be going up this coming summer.  A carver will be working on a Welcome sign.  Access for the disabled is being addressed.  Kayaks can be rented from the Chamber this summer.  Members are working  on a new strategic plan.  Our thanks go to Jill for sharing so much information with us and for doing a bang up job at the Chamber.  
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Helping Douglas Place

Brigit Manninen, Manager at Douglas Place in Kitimat, greeted Rotarians Linda and Eleanor warmly when they stopped by to see the new mattresses that were purchased for use in the two units now available for housing of the homeless when winter is upon us.  Each unit contains a bathroom, shower, toilet, sink, ect.  Clients are given toiletries, towels, blankets, for their nights stay then, for the most part, sent on their way with Tim Hortons gift certificates.  Manninen searched for where to find the best mattresses for the purpose and found the answer through the Salvation Army in Fort St. John.  They are easy to clean, bed bug proof, etc.  Bridgit and Linda are proppoing one up.  Linda is holding our Rotary Club of Kitimat check for $500.00 which went  toward the purchase of 4 mattresses.
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Guatlap Days June 21 through 23

Teresa Windsor sent us the following schedule for an excellent weekend coming up at Kitamaat Village!  Unfortunately the watermark graphics were lost with this copy and paste.
Guatlap Days Agenda 

Friday, June 21st, 2019 
11:00am- “Walking for Strength,” parade  
          Our communities have been hit hard with a lot of troubling times and  losses. Let walk beside one another as a community to build our collective strength. 
12:00pm– Indian Taco Luncheon, fried bread + taco toppings 
1:00-4:00pm– Cultural dancing (detailed performance agenda to come) 
5:00-6:00pm– Community Potluck, please bring a main dish or dessert 
      Kitimat LNG  will be supplying BBQ Burgers, Hotdogs, chips, broccoli salad  6:00pm-10pm– Cultural dancing (detailed performance agenda to come) 
Vendor/Information Tables: Face painting, Kitimat LNG sponsored H.R. MacMillan Space Centre Star Lab,  Kitimat Disability Services-Sensory Friendly Tent, Haisla Nation Council  program information tables.  
Saturday, June 22nd, 2019 
9:00am-10:00am– Pancake Breakfast, put on by the Haisla Lightening Women’s Soccer team, sponsored by HNC 
10:00am-12:00pm– Reading by Haisla Author, Joseph Starr Day School Research 
12:00pm-1:00pm–  Lunch Refreshments served 
1:00-2:00pm- Soapberry Making Contest 
5:00pm– Guatlap Dinner 
6:00pm– Guatlap Awards Ceremony, Honoring our Language teachers, community      merits, Staff merits 
Sunday, June 23rd, 2019 
2:00pm– Movie Matinee showing– Totem: The Return of the G’psgolox Pole 1hr 10mins 
         -Totem: Return and Renewal 23mins 
Bus transportation (JUNE 23rd only) sponsored in kind donation of LNG Canada 
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Installation of Officers

The weather changed back to sunshine, perfect for our Installation of Officers for the 2019-2020 year at our President Robin Lapointe’s home.  On hand to do the honors at our installation were current Area Governor, Bill Parmar, Past Area Governor, Brian Downie and incoming Area Governor, Chad Sallenback.  It was a delightful evening filled with Rotary goodwill.  Robin even launched a drone that flew overhead taking pictures of all of us out on the lawn.  Steaks and chicken on the BBQ, salads, dessert, wine compliments of all of us.  Our best wishes go to Gareen Ball, president for Rotary Connects the World.  We will connect J.   Our thanks to Robin’s wife Melanie for taking photos.
Congrats to our Secretary/Treasurer  Jo Hildebrant, as she received her third sapphire pin from AG Bill Parmar , the recognition for her support of the Rotary Foundation. 
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Helping at Meningitis Vaccination Clinic

Rotarians were on hand to help with registration, and to give direction to any other help needed to Kitimat Grade 12 students who headed to Christ Church Anglican Church to receive  MCV4 shots against Meningitis A, C, Y, and W135.  
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Teresa Windsor, The Haisla Culture

May 21st, what an interesting evening,  Haisla Nation Council community cultural coordinator Teresa Windsor walked us through a good deal of Haisla history backed by an excellent PowerPoint slide show.  We learned about the clans at Kitamaat Village.  Theirs is a matriarchal society, one where families are closely knit together.  Teresa grew up in Kitamaat Village.  She was sparked to research and share  the Haisla culture when her son came home from school reciting a prayer that he had learned in the Haisla language.  As we listened, her story 'came alive'. Now JHaisla kids are learning their language.  Like all of us, she shares the simple truth, they are our future.  Teresa invited us to come out to a gathering on the June 21st weekend.  It's called Guatlap Days (to help one another).  More to come from her later. 
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thank you Gareen

Gareen, a few flowers for your desk, a small thank you from all of us for being our Nobel Wine Tasting Leader.
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Winston Mitchell tells his story

We were privileged to hear our Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club's manager, Winston Mitchell, tell his story at our April 16th meeting.  Winston's sharing of his previous employment sites at elite golf clubs was impressive.  With this experience behind him, he brings a new vision to golfing in Kitimat and to the operation of this facility,  Growing the club is a priority, getting ahead of the game, having all staff part of the team, sharing their energy and recognizing their importance.  What a plus to have him with us with a goal one can see becoming a reality!
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DG Darcy Long speaks to us on Tuesday the 9th

Be the Inspiration is a perfect fit for our DG Darcy Long.  Her enthusiasm inspires us!  She covered a wide range of everything we have in Rotary, mentioning more than once our using the yearly Presidential Citation as a goal in our Rotary Clubs.  Our President Robin jotted down the topics covered.  Here they are friends: 
1. Rotary Vision Statement 
2.  Firesides
3. Core Values
4. Fellowship and Service
5. Foundation
        * PolioPlus
        * Annual giving
        * Matching grants
        * Global matching grants for International projects
        * Endowment Fund - World fund, Share, Rotary Peace Centre
6. Past District Governor Don Evan’s offer to come to Kitimat this Fall to help us prepare a Strategic Plan - we should book a date as soon as we can. 
7. Things we can do to improve our Public Image
8. Ideas for Fundraising
9. Peace and Conflict 
An impressive list.  Darcy is a strong supporter of our Rotary Club of Kitimat (and all other clubs in 5040 for that matter.yes smiley).  Much Rotary love goes your way from us Darcy.

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The Year Ahead on Saturday the 6th 
TheSunday the 7th - The Rotary Foundation-Putting it to Work for You

 Meet our 2019-2020 District 5040 Governor, Bala Naidoo.  He is a member of the Rotary Club of Burnaby Metrotown.  A financial planner by profession, Bala brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as our DG, a leader that lead us through "Change Readiness".  We talked about planning, vision, rewards, in particular the action plan. we looked at some case studies, highlighted People of Action, resistance to change, the journey ahead.  The PowerPoint used was one the best this writer has seen.  Using RI's resources from the website, Club Central (only effective if we use them) tracking our volunteer hours were highlighted, small things that will make a difference.  The day long session did not seem to be all that lengthy.  All those attending were sparked by the message he shared.
Sunday was spent with our Past District Governor Don Evans as he walked us through the what is it of the Rotary Foundation, when and why it started, recognition for those who make contributions, who can contribute to it, the ABC's of our foundation.  In this photo you see Don with his 'go to' slide behind him, the Rotary Foundation Grants, the two different biggies, District and Global, and some further arms that do make understanding easy.  We talked about good stewardship, heard examples. and shared stories.  Another well presented assembly.  At the end those attending were given the paperwork to take back to their club to be signed with their club president and president elect's signatures, the proof they had completed this step so their clubs can apply for a Foundation Grant this upcoming Rotary year.  These are to be returned to Don.
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Kitimat Dementia facility

Brilliant sunshine outside, a perfect setting for the good news story told by Doug Thomson, Kitimat Valley Housing Society's spokesman, as plans progress for the Dementia and Alzheimer's Care facility. 
  Rotarian Maryann Ouellet introduced Doug, Rotarian Meghan Marshall presented our thanks.
One could say the vision here is state of the art, with every aspect considered when looking at the challenges that residents will be facing.  The model is a 'circular one' with no end of corridor walls to confuse, exterior walls built wide to improve energy efficiency, open kitchen areas for residents to make their own cup of tea, and specific training using a relatively new method for caregivers geared to allowing residents the means to use their own initiatives.  Watching and listening to Doug's presentation, one could not help but think, what a well thought out initiative.  Well done to KVHS.
We were also joined by Terrace Rotarian Brian Downie who gave us an update for the weekend of Foundation Dinner, starting the day with  the Year Ahead workshop and Foundation Grant the next day.
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Wines of the World Wine Tasting

Don't be disappointed because you missed out!
Tickets are $45.  They are available at the BC Liquor Store (cash sales) or from any Rotarianblush.
A SUGGESTION -Click on Gareen's link (left hand column of this webpage).  She'll be sure you get some.
She's the chairperson for this event.
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Picture "album"

Sunday the 27th, what an enjoyable afternoon.  New members sat back at Eleanor's to see some 'pages' of Rotary picture stored on her computer.  The joy of technology was used by having her laptop hooked into the television so the album went big screen  We saw club youth projects, club support of Polio Plus, Peace Fellows, guest speakers, international projects, all moments worth sharing. International projects, The Rotary Foundation, fundraisers, District 5040 conferences, Rotary International Conventions and more.  It was a good way to see Rotarians in Action.
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Happy New Year - our first meeting in 2019. smiley  To say we started it off with a bang could lead to some questions on best choice of words, we certainly started it off with smiles!  Lucy Borges induction 'shone' and we now have pictures.  Welcome Lucy.  We are thrilled to have you with us.  

Our newest members yes heart

Jonathan pinned by Linda, Maryanne pinned by Jo, Meghan and Lucy (pinned by Eleanor)
The calendar for the our meetings up to the end of March is set; planning for the balance of the year to continue at our next meeting.  Eleanor asked new members if they would like to have a showing of "Rotary moments past'.  The answer was 'yes' so the plan was to meet at her place to watch the picture show.
2019!! 2019-01-16 08:00:00Z 0

Christmas brunch and new member installations

What an enjoyable time!  In fact so much fun for everyone that our picture taking p.r. gal completely forgot to take pictures!.  Cheryl poured the champagne and orange juice or just plain juice for all of us,  The coffee was also on, then stratas, fruit salad with yogurt, home made muffins and more.  Games followed, Maryanne ending up with the pass the parcel teddy bear.   Her immediate Random Act of Kindness was giving it to Jon's delighted son.  Seeing his bear hugs and delight is a memory to cherish. 
Then it was putting on our thinking caps for answers - a Christmas Trivia Game, Michelle outshone us all with a high score total for most answers given.  The highlight of the day, was the installation of our new members.  Gareen read their inductions.  We are honored to now have Jonathan Borgens (pinned by Cheryl Rumley) Maryanne Ouellet, pinned by Jo Hildebrandt, and Meghan Marshall, pinned by Eleanor Kendell - part of our team.  No better way to finish off our coming together than the 'backwards' draw for the bottles of wine that we all brought if we wanted to be involved.  Jonathan ended carrying "the stash"home.  Kudos to everyone for a spread to be proud of!  Merry Christmas
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AGM December 4

Secretary and Treasurer's report were presented and approved.
Election of new officer 2019/2020 Rotary Chair - President - Gareen Ball, Secretary/Treasurer - Jo HIldebrandt, Public Relations -Eleanor Kendell, Membership - Cheryl Rumley, Fundraising - Linda Campbell, Sergeant at Arms - Eric Bottah, Foundation - Robin Lapointe.
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Remembrance Day at the Cenotaph

Here we are bundled up in front of the Cenotaph on November 11th, friend Tom Balfour, Eleanor Kendell, friend and MLA Ellis Ross, Gareen Ball and Linda Campbell.  Linda placed our Rotary Club of Kitimat on the cenotaph; Gareen recited the words we know so well from In Flanders Field.  
Remembrance Day at the Cenotaph 2018-11-22 08:00:00Z 0

LNG Canada's Ruth Sulentich

Rotary Connections continued on November 20th with many guests joining us for the evening to hear our guest speaker, Ruth Sulentich.  Ruth is the senior consultation and community advisor for LNG Canada.  She gave us an excellent overview of the project, the work that is now moving ahead, housing for employees, when to expect to see the plant visibly on site.  Fluor Corporation is joint venturing with LNG Canada to handle, engineering, procurement and construction.  We have since learned LNG Canada and Fluor have established an information centre at the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce. Without question, there was a cheer from all of us when we heard on November 2nd, the project is a go!  Our thanks go to Ruth for an excellent presentation and her offer to keep us up to date whenever we may wish her to do so.
We finished off the evening by asking guests to share some questions passed out to us by Cheryl.  Answers certainly enlightened us about others at our tables AND what fun telling stories.  Guests were also asked to fill in the blanks answers to a few questions for Rotary Connections 2.
LNG Canada's Ruth Sulentich 2018-11-20 08:00:00Z 0

ACT Telethon

Two people on a stage in front of a camera, one person is holding a microphone and talking into the camera.
2018 was the best year ever for the Aluminum City Telethon. Rounded up total of dollars donation - $134.654.00.  Available Rotarians were on the phones answering calls for a normal one hour stint again this year.  What an exciting end of day on October 21st!
ACT Telethon 2018-10-21 07:00:00Z 0

Kitimat All Candidates Forum

Jill Barrowman's request from the Chamber found several of our members helping on the evening of September 26th. Linda Campbell's smile was infectious, encouraging people to write down their questions.  A few other Rotarians joined her to look through the many that were submitted looking for 'duplications' and a good cross section of questions that were put forward.  They did an admirable job!  The evening moved along quickly, answers from candidates were enlightening; in some cases thought provoking.  Sincere thanks came to us from those in the Chamber
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2018 '"Peace'" at Kildala Elementary

Just after September 21st, Our club's Peace Champion was delighted to receive an e-mail from Janelle Hittel, principal of Kildala Elementary School, Kitimat's first Rotary Peace School.   Students has faithfully marked the United Nations International Day of Peace every year since 2011, the year it first met the Peace School's criteria.  Here's what she shared,    "We did it a bit different this year as our school start-up was different. The first 2 days of school the students went into groups and worked on Peace Day activities and read Peace Day stories. We even practiced a Peace Day song to the tune of BINGO. We also painted rocks and added them to our school garden.   Just wanted to let you know that Peace Day wasn’t forgotten here we just didn’t do an official assembly this year ☺"   
From those of us in Rotary, thank you for remembering peace.
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DG Darcy Long visits our club

It’s a tradition!   Every year our Rotary District 5040’s District Governor travels our area visiting the 51 clubs that are included.  This covers a significant distance, north to Mackenzie, Bowen Island in the south, Prince Rupert and ourselves in the west. 100 Mile in the east (an attempt to ‘pick’ smaller communities).  It was with pleasure that we hosted DG Darcy Long and her husband Doug at a BBQ on August 28th.
Their hometown is in Sechelt, population similar to ours 10,000 people.  Darcy shared their story, one built on random acts of kindness.  Why Rotary?  They saw the devastation after the tsunami hit Thailand.  What could they do to help? There was a huge sign, six Rotary Clubs of Phuket working together to rebuild the local fishing fleet.  A fleet meant small boats, rather like dugout canoes.   From this a door opened, the way to help was answered.   Rotary helps.
Be the inspiration is this year’s Rotary theme.  Darcy is an inspiration.  We’ve been invited to be at Sun Peaks for this year’s convention, to continue our efforts with Polio Plus, and encouraged in our efforts to grow Rotary in our hometown.
Many thanks go to Robin’s wife Melanie, our hostess for the evening.  Everyone pitched in to make the evening special but the big credit goes to her for such a nice evening.  The setup on the deck was so inviting!  We were joined by guests, like-minded people who have done and continue to do good in our world.  Particularly delightful were the children, Jonathon and Melissa's, having fun in the play area that Robin and Melanie have for their granddaughter Elsie.
Darcy says she has been inspired making these visits.  She will be taking many things to do ideas back to Sechelt to try.
DG Darcy Long visits our club 2018-09-01 07:00:00Z 0

Lucy Borges, an inspiring woman

It is possible to have a vision, believe in it, and have it realized.  The director at Delta King Place has proven this!  Lucy's dream was always to see their residents having home-cooked food at every meal.  This meant a significant upgrade to the facility's kitchen.  Past president of our club, Gareen Ball, recognized this before she presented our contribute to this work.  Using our theme for this year Be the Inspiration, she commented on Lucy's 'perfect fit' when it comes to the meaning behind the words.  Always smiling and caring, Lucy exemplifies its message.  Congratulations to you Lucy and to the members of the Delta King board's members.  Well done.  Pictured above, a few of us along with some members of the board as Gareen is about to present the check (rolled up in her hand).
Lucy Borges, an inspiring woman 2018-08-04 07:00:00Z 0

Visit to Delta King Place

This kitchen is seasoned with love
(The words above the pass through into the kitchen)
Monica Gonzalez, cook at Delta King Place,  will soon be able to enjoy air conditioning in the newly renovated Delta King Kitchen. Without question, we know what a difference this is going to make when it comes to summer heat! It's easy to see how delighted and proud she is as she works in her new surroundings.   We feel good about this and know the staff at Delta King and all of its other residents do too.  This project was a 'fit' for Rotary, something we could support that mattered here in Kitimat. For us to pull of what we wanted to do we asked for help.  Delta King staff members came out to give us a hand at our Annual Online Rotary Auction, and we did something we have never done before, all the proceeds from it were to go to Delta King.  We will be presenting our check for $20,000 to the Delta King Place Housing Society on Friday, August 3 , sometime between 11.00 a.m. and 1 p.m., at the Annual Barbeque fundraiser hosted by Skeena MP Nathan Cullen.  Do come out,  and cheer on Gareen Ball, our check presenter.  Just $5 for a hot dog or burger, pop and bag of chips.
Visit to Delta King Place 2018-07-23 07:00:00Z 0

2018 RYLA Lakelse

Strong leaders are made, not born.  Leadership skills are learned, not inherited.
Rotarians in our Rotary District 5040 are dedicated to helping young people develop leadership skills to their fullest.  Evidence of this shone under Rotarian Kristen Riley's leadership at this year's RYLA Lakelse.  Kristen is the past president of the Rotary Club of Skeena Valley
With tents setup on the shore at Lakelse, the location was perfect.  The camp involved students in Grades 8 to 10 with teens, one from far away Vancouver, Prince George, and communities closer to the lake, Quesnel, Prince George, Smithers, Prince Rupert, Terrace, Kitimat come to mind.  There were plenty of challenges, exciting activities, high energy, smiles galore.
Our club sponsored three honor roll Grade 8 students for the 4 day camp, July 5th to 8th.  And what a plus they were!  -- Kemper Weightman, Mia Anthony and Shaunhnessy Archibald.  Left to right - Mia, Kemper, camp leaders from Kitimat, Chelsea and Brodie, Shaunhnessy.
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Rotary Connections

June 27th saw us opening the door to invited like-minded people, some past Rotarians, Rylarians, and active community people who share our Rotary enthusiasm for service.
This sign says it all.  We are looking to create a masterpiece.  Cheryl Rumley facilitated the evening.  Thoughts and ideas flowed, answers to questions were shared.  It was a beginning as we look to shape the Rotary Club of Kitimat’s vision moving into the future. 
Here is R.i.’s new vision.
 Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.” 
Rotary International’s new vision statement
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Rotary Scholarships winners

An impressive evening.  These students were recognized as outstanding scholars at Mount Elizabeth Secondary School recently.  (photo credit Jerry Leibel)
Rotarian Linda Campbell presented our two Rotary scholarships To Cedrick Verreault and Amy Lane.  They both have been honor roll students through all their years at MEMSS.
Lynda Hammerstrom Rocha Scholarship
Cedrick is the Prime MInister of the Student Council.  A young member of the NDP for three years, he founded the MEMSS Social Justice Group.  He will be returning to his hometown in Quebec City to study political science at Universite Laval in the fall.  He chose to use a quote to begin his application for the scholarship, "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.  We are the ones we've been waiting for."
Kitimat Rotary Scholarship
Amy is the artist, winner of the Innovative Design Bridge Building Award, the Art Award, on the Principal's List, awards in metal work and social studies.  She is an active volunteer at her church, at the food bank, and  a Girl Guide.  While she would love to pursue further studies in art, her primary focus will be becoming a pilot.  Her career goal is to become a Rotary wing commercial pilot.
Each scholarship is for $1000.00. 
Rotary Scholarships winners 2018-06-25 07:00:00Z 0

5040's new executive installed

A big day for those of us in Rotary District 5040.  Here you see our own Dean Rohrs (Langley) , right, installing the 2018-19 Governor of our 51 Rotary clubs in District 5040, from Greater Vancouver up the coast to Prince Rupert.  Next to her, our new leader, 2018-19 Governor Darcy Long (Sechelt),  and (l to r) Governor Elect Bala Naidoo (Burnaby), Governor Nominee Dave Hamilton (Delta) and Governor 2017-18 Don Evans (Vancouver).  The ceremony took place in Gibsons, BC, on June 16, 2018.
5040's new executive installed 2018-06-21 07:00:00Z 0

DG Don Evans joined us at our April 3rd meeting

We were pleased to embrace changing times by having our District Governor Don Evans come and join our club in a healthy dialogue on moving forward.  We look forward to growing our club and continuing  to do Rotary service in Kitimat and the world. 
DG Don Evans joined us at our April 3rd meeting 2018-04-06 07:00:00Z 0

Peacebuilding support from District 5040

FLASH NEWS At the Presidential Environmental Sustainability and Peace Conference
Loud applause from the audience on Friday evening – 800+ of us!   
From this year’s Rotary Foundation District Designated Funds, our District 5040 have allocated a $25,000 US donation to support the Peace Centers.
Although we don’t often think about it, that’s your club and the club  beside you.  It’s our investment in Peace.
On February 9th,  our Rotary Foundation Chair Paul Netzel, presented a certificate to our DG Don marking District 5040 as a Rotary Peacebuilder District.
And there is more news to celebrate!
Coming out of the Conference, a legacy.
The opportunity was presented by Rotary International at a different breakout session, a new an exciting approach to building peace in a region where a major peace agreement has recently been reached.  After a war of 52 years, the Government of Columbia and the Marxist let Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia reached the understanding in 2016.
The challenge now is building a lasting sustainable peace.
We are taking action, from the lower mainland up to coast to those of us in northern BC Rotarians are taking action by investing $15.000US of unused DDF funds in a new and exciting project – Positive Peace Workshop – Columbia. 
A new approach to building peace.-  Positive Peace workshops were developed by Rotary and the Institute for Economics and Peace. 
Rotarians will help shape the Colombian peace process by leveraging its networks and engaging key stakeholders, especially young Colombian peacmakers.
Peacebuilding support from District 5040 2018-03-20 07:00:00Z 0

Eleanor back from the Presidential Peace Conference

Any Rotary International Presidential event has always been exceptional.  This year's Presidential Environmental Sustainability and Peace Conference was no exception.  Rotarian Eleanor Kendell, a member of our club and our District 5040 Peace Committee, headed down to Vancouver to attend.  District 5100 and 5040  showcased Rotary Peacebuilder Clubs at a shared table in the House of Friendship. Here they are together for lunch. 
The table showcased literature from both District.  If you look at the sign, propped against the bottom right hand corner, you will see the certificate that will be presented to those clubs in our District that have met the Peacebuilder Club criteria this year.  This will take place at the Conference in Squamish. 
Eleanor recalls the weekend as thought provoking, a call to action for environmental stewardship, a coming together of Rotary friends, topped off with Rotary fun.
Eleanor back from the Presidential Peace Conference 2018-03-19 07:00:00Z 0

January 16, welcome home Robin!

A not to be forgotten day!  Our club's longest serving member, Robin, returned home from Vancouver looking amazing well.  Robin received a heart transplant in December.  Our hearts are filled with happiness.
January 16, welcome home Robin! 2018-03-19 07:00:00Z 0


February 13th, Shrove Tuesday, members headed over to the Anglican Church to enjoy a tradition, pancakes and sausages, always a fun, relaxing evening. 
Pancakes!!! 2018-03-16 07:00:00Z 0

Mason's Dinner January 26

No doubt about it!  If you want a treat that's great head to the Legion for the Mason's Dinner on a cold winter Friday night in Kitimat!  Enjoy steak or chicken hot off the barbeques, delicious salads, home baked beans, Ron Burnett's secret recipe, and so much more.  Here we are waiting for the food to arrive!  Friday, January 26th
Mason's Dinner January 26 2018-03-16 07:00:00Z 0

Nechako PAC (Parent Advisory Council) fundraising for a new playground

Erika Loucks, chairperson of Nechako Elementary School's PAC joined us at our March 6th meeting to share their fundraising story for a new playground at the school.  Looking at photos of the planned playground surface, brightly colored, a product made from recycled tires and playground equipment designed to accommodate students with mobility challenges, one could appreciate how much this will be appreciated.  The project has already received significant financial support from industry and business in Kitimat.  Students are also doing their bit, each class collecting different coins for the days of the week, nickels, dimes, loonies and toonies.  It's a contest!  David Mill, principal, was on hand to introduce Erika.  Wondering what the surface could look like?  This picture will give you an idea.
Later in the evening we heard from Brian Downie, our area governor--all about the Presidential Environmental Sustainability and Peace Conference in Vancouver. Ian Riesley, 2017-18 President, Rotary International brought this year's Make a Difference theme home.  Building peace through environmentally sustainable effort at home and around the world was showcased in a fashion those attending will remember.  Speakers, the House of Friendship participants, organizations from the world beyond Rotary and those from within, left motivated and inspired.  
 Brian also brought along Rotary's upcoming year's club banner--an impressive theme for Rotarians to follow Be The Inspiration.
Nechako PAC (Parent Advisory Council) fundraising for a new playground 2018-03-09 08:00:00Z 0

Shelterbox support recognized

What a great way to start 2018!  We were joined by Brian Downie, our Area Governor, who came bearing a nice surprise.  Here we are with the certificate he presented to us that recognizes our club's support of Shelterbox. 
Right now, around 85 million people around the world have been made homeless by natural disaster and conflict. ShelterBox is working to change this.  By providing emergency shelter and tools for families robbed of their homes by disaster, despair is being transferred into hope.  ShelterBox and Rotary are official Project Partners in international disaster relief.
Shelterbox support recognized 2018-01-24 08:00:00Z 0

November 25th, a successful auction day

This picture allows a glimpse of one of the walls filled with tables (there were 3 of them) at our 2017 Kitimat Rotary Web Auction.  As always, the day with filled with action.  People stopped by to check out the items up for bid, some were tried on for size, comments were heard "It would be perfect for...", and questions were answered (how to mark an item for reminding from an interested bidder). 
Linda Campbell was at her laptop ready to check the online action and report and answer any questions.  That's Cheryl Rumley beside her, also ready to help any people stopping by.  Our Rotary Club of Kitimat extends sincere thanks to businesses in Kitimat and Terrace for their support.  This year we will be using the funds coming in from this event to meet the commitment made by Rotary, $15,000 to Delta King Place toward the refurbishment of their kitchen.
Our thanks go to all who signed up and bid and, once again, to our business supporters!
November 25th, a successful auction day 2017-11-27 08:00:00Z 0

Light Up Kitimat

What a delightful evening for children!  Snow on the group, Santa's visit, places to explore and treats! 
A few of us stopped by to help by manning Rudolph's house.
The project is now championed by the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce.  It is of interest to note, the idea to start it off came for Rotarian Cheryl Rumley the year she was president of our club.  No question, there is power in an idea.
Light Up Kitimat 2017-11-27 08:00:00Z 0


Here's your chance to see the many excellent items going up for bid thanks to the generous support that Rotary has received from businesses in Kitimat and Terrace plus a few from further away.
They are now in the windows at Skeena's MLA Ellis Ross's Kitimat office (the old Wings Travel location).  Here's a couple of snapshots to spark your interest!
GREAT AUCTION ITEMS! 2017-11-14 08:00:00Z 0

Remembrance Day in Kitimat 2017

 It was snowy a winter day on November 11th. 
We bundled up, took along our umbrellas, and joined many, many other Kitimat people to pay our respects around the cenotaph in Centennial Park.  Friends from the Royal Canadian Legion greeted us as we arrived.  Soon we saw the colour party heading towards us, veterans, search and rescue members, the Girls Guides, Sparks, Boy Scouts, Beavers, marching in unison to take their places by the cenotaph.  The familiar lone bugler played, The Last Post and The Rouse
Wreaths were then placed on all four sides of the cenotaph by representatives of businesses and organizations in our community.  Rotary's president Marianne Hemmy placed our wreath for us.   After the ceremony the color parade marched the two blocks down to the Legion to join with others in the warm hall where Legion members opened the doors to everyone.
Remembrance Day in Kitimat 2017 2017-11-14 08:00:00Z 0


November 25, 2017
Rotarians have been busy on the phone making calls to the businesses who make our auction successful.  Their donations are excellent, not just for Rotarians but also for every person who signs up to be a bidder and see how well you do!

World Polio Day

Always an ambassador for Rotary's End Polio Now's vision, our fellow Rotarian Jo Ann Hildebrandt put together a display and marked the day with a cake for all of us to enjoy.  Jo has made the trip to Ethiopia to administer the oral polio vaccine.  Listening to her tell the story, how mothers bring their children for their  "2 drops of vaccine", how there are no words to describe how happy they are when they know there child is protected against polio.  We always have a jar on the table so we can send off the dollars collected to the Rotary Foundation's polio fund.  World Polio Day is a yearly event held on October 24th.
World Polio Day 2017-10-26 07:00:00Z 0

George Melo, Polio Survivor


Hearing our guest speaker, George Melo, tell his story at our meeting on October 24th was a memorable happening.  George is a  polio survivor.  At his young age of 1½, George’s parents learned the grim news.  It was summertime, the time of the year when the people in his home town in Portugal’s fears always grew, the season when polio struck.  George lost the feeling in his side, couldn’t walk and needed care every day.  He told of his sister’s loving hands, how for weeks on end she would massage his leg and side, and how suddenly, there was feeling and with it great joy.  The heeling path was a long one, and he was left with ‘scars’, a skinny deformed leg.  He was and is strong in spirit.  His family has shown great love to him something he is grateful for to this day.  George took us through his younger days at school, unkindness, little understanding, teenage years, right to his days today.  He now comes close to being called a senior.  George loves music, karaoke is a passion.  What a privilege it was for us to hear his story.  All of us say thank you George!

George Melo, Polio Survivor 2017-10-25 07:00:00Z 0

Our RYLA Lakelse Rotarians 


Rylarians - Lakelse  left to right - Ethan Amos, Nolan Striker, Iris Striker and Isabelle Moretti.


September 26th was a special evening for Rotarians.  Our newest Rylarians brought their energy, enthusiasm and stories about their long weekend at Ryla Lakelse.  

Our RYLA Lakelse Rotarians 2017-10-02 07:00:00Z 0

Kildala Elementary celebrates Peace early

With an exciting opportunity coming her way, Janelle Hittel accepted the help of a visitor to our community, Valerie Christiansen, a performing arts professional.  As principal of Kildala, Janelle was delighted to see the children in her school learning the art of theatre as they spent the time available before September 15th learning their parts, where to be on stage and how to act for the 'production' The Little Prince.
The story is told of The Little Prince, the aviator, the desert, hot and dry, how wonderful it was to have water, the prince's single rose, the only one in his world, the prince's voyages through space, the people met along the way, those met on earth, the many rose on earth all with thorns, the same as his rose had. 
To know how the story continues and ends, read Antoine de Sainte-Exupery's The Little Prince.
The children performed in both English and French.  It was a delightful hour spent watching and listening to them and what a large audience!  Many parents were out to support their children enjoying the afternoon. 
The performance finished off with a song sung by a mini choir, all students singing with perfect pitch!
Kildala Elementary is our first Rotary Peace School in Kitimat.
Thank you Kildala for inviting our Rotary Club of Kitimat to your lovely presentation of this play!
Kildala Elementary celebrates Peace early 2017-09-19 07:00:00Z 0

Kitimat River Cleanup, September 10

A few brave Kitimat Rotarians put on their boots, rolled up their sleeves and joined in the fun on a particularly stormy day to recognized Rivers.
Day.  Much credit goes to those who came out - Gareen, Cheryl and Doug, Sarah and Linda.  They were joined by the McLeods, buckets in hand and, kudos, high spirits.
Kitimat River Cleanup, September 10 2017-09-19 07:00:00Z 0

Visit of DG Don Evans and his wife Deb


It’s always a special evening when a District Governor comes to visit.  Tuesday was no exception.  Don Evans and his wife Deb brought the sunshine with them along with their smiling faces.  An added plus was seeing PDG Art Erasmus and our AG Brian Downie joining us from Terrace.  Don shared his energy and Rotary understanding as he addressed our club with Good News from R.I. and our District 5040 team.  Membership growth worldwide in Rotary is looking a little better particularly in India.  Polio statistics for the number of reported cases continue to look promising.  Rotary persists in its work toward zero cases, add to this another 3 years – to be able to say ours is a polio free world.  Another piece of good news, RLI – our Rotary Leadership Institute.  Several hands went up when Don asked about it, those who had taken courses?  Come 2018, RLI webinars will be offered!  We talked about diversity for club meetings, looking for suggested examples, shared member burnout with Don, talked about the pros and cons with record keeping, attendance, makeups etc. The district’s newly formed Peace Committee, its role in 5040 and the overall RI vision for Promoting Peace, were shared along with the two conferences coming up on 2018, both highlighting peace.  Deb took good care of us by handing out this year’s theme pin to everyone and material for the conferences and Rotary itself.

After the meeting, Marianne, Art, Brian, Deb, Don and Eleanor did a mini tour of the different projects completed by our club here in Kitimat.  See photos.  A big thank you to Don and Deb!  We appreciated seeing you!

Visit of DG Don Evans and his wife Deb 2017-09-04 07:00:00Z 0

2017 RYLA Lakelse

Another great time enjoyed by this year's Rylarians out at the farm in Thornhill.  This picture is of the super leaders.  You'll recognize Chelsea, 2nd on the left, from her picture in the story below.  Marianna Hammerstrom travelled from Squamish to chair RYLA.
From our club, Eleanor headed over on Thursday late afternoon to share Promoting Peace.  She is delighted to report the youths 'stepped up to the plate' answering questions and sharing their own thoughts on Peace.
2017 RYLA Lakelse 2017-07-18 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Scholarships

Our president Gareen Ball had the pleasure of presenting the Lynda Rocha Hammerstrom Scholarship to Chelsea Pacheco - Chelsea volunteered her help as a youth leader at last year's RYLA Lakelse and will do so again this year -  and the Rotary Club of Kitimat Scholarship to Ethan Mourgas - Ethan's grandfather is a former Rotarian of our club and a Paul Harris Fellow.
Rotary Scholarships 2017-06-21 07:00:00Z 0

Delta King Place 

Delta King Place's site coordinator Lucy Borges and board member Karen Klepsch were our guest speakers at our June 13th meeting.  Their mission: Supporting independence for seniors and people with disabilities in Kitimat.  The pair carried a vision with them!  The upgrade of the facility's kitchen.  The current kitchen is showing its age and falling short of code requirements for its use.  A proposal for financial support has arrived in Rotary's mailbox.  Preliminary quotes to complete this project are coming in around $60,000, the highest cost item in it is the upgrade to ventilation.  President Gareen explained Rotary's process for decision making for projects.  We will certainly get back to Lucy regarding Rotary support for their vision.  Rotarian Cheryl Rumley thanks Lucy and Karen for the valuable work they are doing in our community and for taking the time in their busy lives to present to us.
Delta King Place 2017-06-16 07:00:00Z 0

Another talent of our President - May 13th

On May 13th, several of our members headed to the Royal Canadian Legion for a memorable evening of entertainment.  Dinner was excellent, the talent shown by the actresses exemplary and the opportunity to share the evening wearing our "Rotary hats" special.  It was a polished performance.  Well done and our thanks Gareen.
Another talent of our President - May 13th 2017-05-16 07:00:00Z 0

Gillian Venman, guest speaker

Gillian Venman, Community LINK worker with the Kitimat Community Development Centre, came out to our meeting on May 9th to update us on how the "Thru the Cracks" lunch program has been going this year.  Gillian continues to provide nutritious lunches for youths in a friendly environment.  On occasion the teens bake muffins, enjoy fresh fruit and are encouraged to "eat healthy".  The program has been in existence for a few years.  President Gareen presented Gillian with a check for $1000 to help towards the purchase of food.  This service to children is one that our Rotary Club has provided in past years.
Gillian Venman, guest speaker 2017-05-13 07:00:00Z 0


 The Coalition for Riders Educating youth has been continuing their presentations to students in northern BC.  After the death of her 21 year old son Corey to a motorcycle accident, Denise Lodge started the project to tell Corey's tragic story.  Denise stresses the importance of having the right training when it comes to riding a motorcycle, passing a learner's test doesn't mean you become a capable driver.  She also points out a fact - riding a motorcycle is not as easy as it looks.  Students are challenge to answer a question - How is riding a motorcycle different than riding a car. Denise has been working with government to bring about a graduated license program.   In support of her work, President Gareen presented Denise with a cheque from our Rotary Club for $1000.
C.O.R.E.Y 2017-04-20 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Foundation Centennial Wine arrives

Our orders for the St. Hubertus Estate Winery's award winning wines arrived. The winery partnered with Rotary for a specially commissioned label to represented the 100th anniversary of our Rotary Foundation.  40% of the proceeds from every bottle sold will be donated to Foundation by the winery.   On hand to pick theirs up were Edwin, Robin and Linda.  SMILES ALL AROUND.
Rotary Foundation Centennial Wine arrives 2017-04-18 07:00:00Z 0

April 1st's District Assembly in Terrace

Four of us headed to the School Board office in Terrace, President Gareen, President Elect Marianne, Secretary/treasurer, Jo and P.R. chair Eleanor for the day long session. 
The day was chaired by Don Evans our District Governor elect.  Don moved smoothly through the PowerPoint presentation which covered district and club visions for 2017-018. 
Lunch was casual, a nice break from listening, a chance to meet with Rotarians from Prince Rupert, Smithers, and Terrace. 
Right after lunch District Governor Lyn Stroshin arrived bringing her energy and understanding to us all.  Eleanor Kendell presented Promoting Peace. 
It was busy and productive day.  Our thanks go to Brian Downie for organizing everything and certainly to Don and Lyn for coming far north to bring this to us.  Well done!!
April 1st's District Assembly in Terrace 2017-04-18 07:00:00Z 0

Foundation Dinner

As always, the Tri-Club Foundation was a lovely evening.  Hosted by the Rotary Club of Terrace, the gathering took place at Terrace's Skeena Valley Golf Course the same day as 5040's District Assembly.  Organizers outdid themselves!  We enjoyed a wine pairing over a six course dinner.  Auction bidding was lively and profits were high. PDG Art Erasmus and our president Gareen Ball captured the energy around them!
Foundation Dinner 2017-04-04 07:00:00Z 0

Potluck at the Chamber

Nothing is better than a Rotary potluck dinner.  Lots of good fun, thinking chocolate :-) with a game brought by Jo (as in Easter eggs), loads and loads of good food, and virtually everyone out for the evening.  Our thanks go to Jo and Gareen for orchestrating a delightful evening.
Potluck at the Chamber 2017-03-28 07:00:00Z 0

PrePETS video shared

Prior to attending this year's PETS in Seattle, President Elect Marianne sat in on more than one training session.  Particularly memorable was the video she shared with up at our March 21st meeting.  We can look forward to many new resources, ideas and opportunities for new direction in Rotary.  One of these will be announced at the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta.  Thanks Marianne!
PrePETS video shared 2017-03-21 07:00:00Z 0

Sarah's Induction into our club

AG Brian Downie was at our meeting March 14th to perform Sarah Twomey's induction ceremony into our Rotary Club of Kitimat.  Sarah works at Vitality Spa and Clinic.  Relaxation massage is her speciality.  Her young son Ben was a delight to see, particularly with his "Mom, we're goin' to Row wo right?"  Sarah's sponsor, Marianne Hemmy, rounded out the installation with some touching words of welcome.
We also had Michelle Martins on hand to give us an update - what's been happening at KUTE (Kitimat Understanding the Environment).  Michelle is a member of the Board of Directors. 
  Wondering about the shamrocks and green Beanie Babies?  With St. Patrick's Day coming up Friday, Jo brought them along.  Like mindedly Cheryl, chose to bring "wearing of the green" prizes for her Rotary Minute. 
She asked us March questions --Rotary's Water and Sanitation Month.
President Elect Marianne rounded out the evening with a well presented report from her PETS experience. 
Sarah's Induction into our club 2017-03-17 07:00:00Z 0

A birthday present from Elsie

We actually had two presentation at our February 28th meeting.  The first was from two year old Elsie Sanghera.  When it comes to a birthday present for 'a child that has everything', Elsie's mom Devrie told us how her family talked it over and decided to make a donation to something she had learned about as a Rotarian.  There had been a presentation at a meeting by a fellow from Teck Resources, where Rotarians all learned the importance of zinc in children's diets.  Fact - 250 million deaths in children could be prevented with increased access to zinc.    Zinc strengthens the immune system and helps to fight dangerous infection.  Zinc is a life-saving treatment for diarrhea, which kills 600,000 children each year.  Devrie was moved as she learnt the story.  And so it was we saw young Elsie present a check for $350.00 to our president Gareen to support the work being done to distribute zinc to those children who need it.
The second was an update from our club's Eleanor Kendell, on the work that is going on by the members of our District 5040's Peace Committee.  PDG John Anderson chairs the committee, Gloria Staudt, Edwin Lee and Eleanor round out its numbers  Members of the committee will present at upcoming District Assemblies.  The one for our area is in Terrace at the School District office, on April 1st 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., the same day as Foundation Dinner.
A birthday present from Elsie 2017-03-07 08:00:00Z 0

Pink Shirt Day

We were fortunate to have Angie Maitland as our guest speaker at our meeting on the 21st.  Angie is the Early Childhood Education Coordinator for the Haisla Nation.  What a remarkable story!  She told us about the activities that were going to take place in the gymnasium at Kitamaat Village the next day, September 22nd, Pink Shirt Day.  Children from elementary and high schools in Kitimat were invited along with any people interested in this vision to end bullying.  With many activities to bring this to mind, and pink shirts for all highlighting one word RESPECT, the youths carried a strong message.  The pictures with this story were provided by Cameron Orr, Haisla Nations Communications Coordinator.
Pink Shirt Day 2017-02-23 08:00:00Z 0

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day meant an evening to relax and simply enjoy the fellowship we have in Rotary.  We challenged ourselves with a few games, decorated with hearts and flowers, and spur of the moment song memories to think back on.  Thanks Paul "for the memories" and thanks also to Margaret and Eleanor for making the room festive.
Valentine's Day 2017-02-10 08:00:00Z 0

Welcoming our newest member, Mariella Castro

At our February 7th meeting, there were many smiling faces as we welcomed Mariella Castro to our Club.  Mariella is already bringing her enthusiasm and commitment to Rotary.  Her classification is Human Resources, the department she is with at Rio Tinto.  Area Governor Brian Downie travelled from Terrace to officially swear her in at the induction ceremony.
Welcoming our newest member, Mariella Castro 2017-02-09 08:00:00Z 0

Robin's retirement party

A few of us joined with Robin's family, business associates, and close friends to celebrate his good news.  No more heading to the office.  Time to enjoy retirement.  Here's a couple of snapshots from the happy occasion.  All of us raise our wine glasses to him (and to Melanie) wishing him all the best in this new lifetime adventure!  February, 2017
Robin's retirement party 2017-02-06 08:00:00Z 0

Geoff McKay, District Technical Skills Administrator

What's the case today?  You're a teen thinking -- what to do when I'm finished high school?  The old message was that trades were the place to go if you were not smart enough to move on to university.  Not so today!  Geoff shared a few of the programs offered by the trade school -- dual credit programs, the Adult Dogwood program and an introduction to trades Middle School Program where middle school students are exposed to the trades during a three week trades course.  Geoff's colleague, Doug Brewer, then shared a program that he created (with one of the saw horse in hand) for students as young as Grade 4.  With local business donations and discounts on hardware for Terrace Home Hardware, he teaches students to build saw horses with the purpose of selling them for $30 a pair and then donating 20 percent of the proceeds to a local charity.  The remaining funds go back to the school clubs.  Hands on quickly sparked enthusiasm from the students, he noted. He saw this as a 'permanent' learning experience.
As a listener, we can certainly say, we are fortunate to have these two highly qualified, committed fellows instructing at the Northwest Trades And Employment Training Centre!
Geoff McKay, District Technical Skills Administrator 2017-02-06 08:00:00Z 0

Kathleen Cherry - Kitimat teacher and published author

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually write and publish your writing?  We were privileged to learn about Kathleen Cherry's experience into the world of a writer of children's books at our January 17th meeting.  Kathleen says, "You submit and you hope and you hope".  Two of her books have been published, Everyday Hero and Blowing Bubbles.  Kathleen is a councillor at Kildala Elementary now working towards her doctorate degree in psychology.  She loves working with children.
Kathleen Cherry - Kitimat teacher and published author 2017-01-30 08:00:00Z 0

Jo, chair of the Uganda Global Grant committee for our club

 In 2008, the Rotary Club of Kitimat partnered with the Rotary Club of Whistler and the Rotary Club of Muyenga, Uganda to create a BC Pine Forest, planting 83 acres of pine trees with the goal to provide logs to a local sawmill in the community of Mpambire, Uganda.  Eight years, 3 International  Rotary Districts, 11 Rotary clubs and 3 Rotary Global Grants later, this initial project has grown to provide improved agricultural methods and access to water, created farmer’s cooperatives, provided resource for local schools, funds to start an egg and chicken facility and catering organization, bee keeping facility, greenhouses and water tanks in addition to sending to young local orphan girls to a 2 year nursing program along with providing computer software, sanitary napkins so that girls can remain in school, pit latrines for seniors and agriculture and sanitation training.  This is Rotary in action!

Jo, chair of the Uganda Global Grant committee for our club 2016-11-29 00:00:00Z 0
Is Rotary right for you? 2016-11-21 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Foundation - Robin Lapointe

Our Foundation Chair, Robin Lapointe, walked us through the paces of our Rotary Foundation at our November 15th meeting.  This year the Foundation celebrates its 100th year!  Want to learn more, Google 2016 Rotary Foundation Video, an excellent look at the work being done through our Foundation.  Robin included it in his presentation.
Rotary Foundation - Robin Lapointe 2016-11-20 00:00:00Z 0

World Polio Day, October 24

Unicef and Rotary together...
We were there from the beginning of the fight.
Ending polio country by country
Vaccinating every child
Together we will make history
Together we will end polio
Each year we bring the importance of the goal to the forefront.  Rotarian Jo Ann Hildebrandt, who travelled to Ethiopia to vaccinate children, brought a cake to our pot luck.  We viewed a polio video and talked together.
World Polio Day, October 24 2016-11-06 00:00:00Z 0

Membership Matters

What a pleasure it was to welcome Tom Smith, our District 5040 Membership Chair, to our meeting on October 18th.  Tom came from afar.  His home club is the Rotary Club of Tsawwassen so many miles logged on his vehicle.  His PowerPoint presentation along with his words left us chalk full of ideas to help meet our
goal Growing our Club 2016-1917  
Particularly memorable was a piece he shared from the Rotarian magazine, a snippet from John F. Germ, President, Rotary International - letter to Rotarians.
..An invitation is a gift.  It's saying to someone, "I think you have the skills, the talent, and the character to make our community better, and I want you to join me in doing that."
So simple, and yet perfect!
Membership Matters 2016-10-25 00:00:00Z 0

Aluminum City Telethon

Sunday, October 23rd, was another stellar day for our Telethon here in Kitimat.  Rotarian were on hand to help on the phones, in the counting room, kids zone, and more.  You'll see Rotarian Margaret Warcup with a big smile in this photo, also former Rylarian Michelle Wakita, why?  a very large donation received from LNG Canada.  The Telethon began in 1978.  Members of the Kitimat Foundation put on the event each year.
Aluminum City Telethon 2016-10-24 00:00:00Z 0

October 14 Fireside at Robin's

  IT'S ALL ABOUT ROTARY.  What a nice evening.  Robin started us off with the start of Rotary story; how a few businessmen came together for fellowship, something that grew into helping in their city of Chicago, and their project, toilets!  Stories were told of our club's early days, projects done, Jo's trip to Ethiopia for polio vaccinations, Foundation and much more.  The goodies were great.  Our thanks go to Robin for hosting.  See the Photo Album for more pictures.
October 14 Fireside at Robin's 2016-10-17 00:00:00Z 0

D of K Planning Dept - Gwendolyn Sewell and Ryan Beaudry

Our meeting on Tuesday, October 11th proved to be particularly informative.  Our community's planners, Gwen and Ryan, presented us with drawings and precise information on a proposed redesign for Wakashan Avenue.  The plan includes widening of the street itself, curb and gutters on both sides of the street, some parallel parking, a change in position for the crosswalk allowing a more effective link between the library and its opposite side of the street.  New lighting  is also part of this first stage of development. Estimated cost is $3 million. 
D of K Planning Dept - Gwendolyn Sewell and Ryan Beaudry 2016-10-17 00:00:00Z 0

Marking Peace Day at Kildala Elementary

Another sunny day on September 21st 2016. the United Nations International Day of Peace!  The children at Kildala Elementary along with their teachers and principal Janelle Hittel celebrated peace with stories, poems and finally dance for peace at their afternoon assembly. 

Marking Peace Day at Kildala Elementary 2016-09-27 00:00:00Z 0

Our birthday girl...

Posted on Sep 05, 2016

It isn't everyday we see a friend celebrating eight decades on this planet.  This surprise birthday bash was special for Eleanor...just check out the bling in the blue scarf we've flipped around her and, yes, there's feather in her hairband as well.  Lots of smiles for Rotarians, toasts and roasts from everyone.  We were joined by a few of her friends from Nechako Toastmasters.   Congratulation to our gal - Eleanor Kendell

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Our July 26th meeting

With the sun at its best on Tuesday, a few of us stayed after our meeting to enjoy the view from our meeting place, the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club.
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Two dedicated Rotarians

Appreciating two remarkable Rotarians
In order to recognize our 2015-16 President for her many years of Service Above Self with our Rotary Club of Kitimat, members honored Lynda by establishing the Lynda Rocha Hammerstrom Scholarship.   A member of our club for more than 25 years, Lynda has served in most executive roles, president on six occasions, and chaired many committees, particularly memorable the Wine Tasting galas in January.  
Later in the evening it was Lynda’s turn to present, in this case, her choice for Rotarian of the Year - 2016.  Our club’s tradition is the awarding by the president of this recognition to the member who best exemplified our motto Service Above Self in their Rotary year.  Linda is certainly a deserving recipient of this recognition. 
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2016 Scholarship winners

Rotarian Linda Campbell presented two $1000 Rotary Scholarships to MEMSS students Jewel Hall and Mathew Hammerstrom.  Congratulations!
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Welcome New Club President, Lynda Rocha

Posted by Devrie Lapointe on Jun 08, 2014

It was a wonderful start to a new year installing 2014-2015 club president Lynda Rocha and her team of executives over a beautiful dinner at The Chalet surrounded by Rotarians, friends and family.  This is Lynda’s fourth time as president of the Rotary Club of Kitimat and is her 24th year as a Rotarian and with the club. This year’s theme is “Light up Rotary” and there is no doubt that Lynda will do exactly that.  She has a passion for working with youth programs as well as community involvement. Please join us in welcoming Lynda as our new Club President.Image

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Our 2013 Annual Rotary Auction

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Nov 26, 2013


 November 22/23rd were a busy two days for Kitimat Rotarians.  The Rotarian action actually started a couple days before with the moves of tables, backdrops, and finally auction items down to the storefront in Mountainview Square.  The normal hustle and good humor followed as items were placed where they belonged (some 300 of them) on the bid tables.   Lyle did a great job as our Auction Chair and he has a few great ideas to share for next year!   Even though we had not planned to start our Saturday auction day at Constant Cravings everyone dealt with the “lost key” with a lot of goodwill and some great coffee. There was lots of laughter and community spirit that warmed up our Auction Headquarters for sure. Our dedicated auction participants were in great form and there were some new folks who really enjoyed the auction. The friends of Rotary volunteers were amazing.

Our sincere thanks go to all the businesses and individuals in Kitimat and Terrace who supported our auction with their donations of items or cash.  It is due to your support that we are able to help where help is needed.  A great example is "Between the Cracks" featured in the story below.

Credit for the photo above, taken on Friday night before the auctions goes to Walter MacFarlane of Kitimat Daily.  Thanks Walter.  The shot was taken in front of the bid boards where pre bids were taken.

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Area Governor's visit

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Oct 27, 2013

October 22 - What a glorious day to have our DG and his wife visiting us in Kitimat! 



District Governor Garry Shearer and his wife Colleen spent the afternoon with our President Cheryl Rumley.  We toured the Rotary high spots, the Soccer Field (our concession stand), The Rod and Gun Club (Rotary Kitchen), the Gazebos at the Chamber and finished off at our Rotary Peace Rock.  We also drove out to Kitamaat Village, stopped to see Kitimat Works in the distance then back to the Chalet for a very short rest time before Rotarians arrived for our meeting and dinner.  Past DG Art Erasmus and his wife Lesley, our Area Governor, and Rotary peace committee chair Eleanor Kendell, joined them for lunch and the afternoon. Garry shared our District’s vision for this year and one of his personal stories.  He then presented Joann Hildebrandt with a Paul Harris fellow on behalf of our club.  President Cheryl presented Garry with a Four Way Test print after Lynda Rocha described the meaning of the artist’s rendering of each of the test and what it means in the Haisla ‘language’.  It was an evening filled with good fellowship.  Many thanks go to Garry for travelling north to meet with us.



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Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Sep 29, 2013

Kitimat people joined with millions of other people around the world to


This is our 5th year to mark the United Nations International Day of Peace with the making of a HUMAN PEACE SIGN


September 21st, 2013 dawned with gloomy clouds and a significant amount of rain.  Not to be discouraged by this, Robin Lapointe and his wife Melanie, braved the storm along with their two beautiful golden retrievers to mark the circle and lines on the pavement in back of the theatre for our Kitimat Human Peace Sign.  While they were busy outside, Jo Hildebrandt, Linda Campbell and Eleanor Kendell setup the displays inside that showcased past Peace Days and our Rotary Peace Schools.  Dan Huisman arrived at 10:00 to set up the Shelter Box:  Jo was his Number One helper.  Peace cranes and peace signs were hung in the cafeteria with a great deal of help from Dan, who is tall, and the Mount Elizabeth Theatre tech teens.  Much credit and thanks go to Susie Smeader who took care of everything tied into food preparation.  She also conducted the youth choir and brought the band for Peace Day.

 Shortly after 1l:00, the Salvation Army’s mobile kitchen arrived on the scene.  Culinary students from Northwest Community College cooked up a storm of Beef on a Bun ready for lunchtime at noon.  Brian Downie, from the Rotary Club of Terrace, arranged their coming, a nice addition for this year’s Peace Day.  People mingled in the cafeteria and talked with Dan about Shelter Box  over the lunch hour then moved into the theatre for the program. Girl guides starting things off with a mini parade of nations flags.   It was a delight to see the Portuguese children dance, the Spirit of the Kitlope dancers, and the Kitimat Dance Academy’s dancers.  The youth choir brought us peace songs as did the band.  We heard from Mayor Monaghan, Shelley Bolton, Brian Downie and Dan Huisman.  As it our tradition, we finished off the program with the singing of Let there be Peace on Earth.  The giant peace dove puppets,  flag bearers, spirit of the Kitlope dancers, led us outside into blowy, stormy weather, to make the peace sign.  Much credit goes to Dwight Magee our photographer for climbing the fire department truck’s ladder to get the peace sign shot. 

Everyone was happy to head inside to the cafeteria to enjoy hot chocolate or coffee and a piece of the huge Peace Cakes.  The Luso Ladies served the cake for all of us.  This certainly was a great way to warm up and to share good stories with friends and strangers alike. 

May Peace Prevail On Earth.

Please see pictures in Photo Album to the left

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Unveiling of the Peace Rock

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Sep 18, 2013

A memorable day

Mayor Joanne Monaghan, our 2012 President Margaret Warcup and Peace Committee chair, Eleanor Kendell were together at Centennial Park for the unveiling of the Peace Rock just before for September 21st Peace Day.  Mayor Monaghan remarked on the importance of the Rotary Peace Credo and council's commitment to it from last year.  She also thanked Rotary for its work tied into Peace in our community.




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Dr. Deva-Marie Beck and her husband Wayne Kines visit on June 18th

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Jun 29, 2013

ImageOur club had a remarkable evening on the 18th when Deva and her husband Wayne joined us to tell the story of the Nightingale Declaration.   Particularly memorable were the real life stories of women dying in childbirth.  The following is a cut and paste from the Nightingale Declaration website.  Deva would value our support by adding our signatures to this declaration. 


Watch the ‘Daring, Caring & Sharing’ Global Launch >>

NIGH's 2013 - 2015 Global Campaign to celebrate and share solutions to the high rates of maternal death still happening around the world.Image

Wayne is the Director of Global Communications, Nightingale Initiative for Global Health (NIGH).  As one listened to his and Deva's stories one appreciated there are world travelers having worked in many, many countries of the world.  Their experience is vast.  The following is also a cut and paste from NIGH's website regarding Wayne.  Tapping this background, he is the primary architect of NIGH’s grassroots-to-global Signature Campaign and the related proposed United Nations General Assembly Resolutions, the 2010 International Year of the Nurse and the 2010-2020 UN Decade for a Healthy World. Wayne Kines is co-founder of the World Media Institute (WMI), a network and fellowship of professional communicators devoted to the emergence of global citizenship and has also organized world media seminars on health, heritage, rural development, human settlements, and water and ocean pollution.

Our club was privileged to have them visit us.

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Our Installation of Officers at Minette Bay Lodge - June 9th

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Jun 28, 2013

ImageGuests and members of our Rotary Club were treated to an unique experience on June 9th, Afternoon Tea at Kitimat's beautiful Minette Bay Lodge.  Ladies were invited to where "fasinators' and a few did--chapeaus appropriate to the occasion. 

Installed as officers for our 2013-14 year were: president, Cheryl Rumley, Past President, Margaret Warcup, Secretary, Robin Lapointe, Treasurer and President Elect, Lyle McNish, Directors, Lynda Rocha and Eleanor Kendell.   Each year our club's president chooses the Rotarian of the Year, his or her decision as to who has shown the qualities we live by as Rotarians.  Margaret honored Eleanor with this title and a perfect presentation--a delightful window hanging with two tiny peace cranes.   ImageWe also recognized two outstanding Kitimat citizens, one a Rotarian, Jo Ann Hildebrandt the second, Cliff Yoland, an active member of the Kiwanis Club, Child Development Centre Board, and so much more.  Jo is a strong supporter of Polio Plus having travelled to Ethiopia to administer Polio vaccines to children.  She's a past president of our club and current president of the Kitimat Child Development Centre.



The food was AMAZING, the weather 'spot on', conversation lively, smile galore!  Do check out all the photos taken by Robin (or on his camera) in the photo album for this year's installation--many, many great pictures!

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Rotary Club of Kitimat Scholarship Winners

Posted on Jun 15, 2013

Congratulations go to the following Mount Elizabeth Secondary 2013 graduates.

Zachary Sohm

Zachary has a challenging goal.  His plan is to become an Ophthamolgist.  Throughout his years at Mount Elizabeth he has consistently excellent, an honor roll student with awards in mathematics and social studies/  He has spent countless hours behind the theatre curtain working a member of the technical crew.  He's also with the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue and a volunteer with the Fire Mountain Shooting Club.  Zachary's comment on his application reads, "The most important thing has been time, to get anywhere, to manager any accomplishment, all that is required is the dedication of time.  This is the principal by which I will reach my career goal."

Anna Canil

Anna has shone when it comes to helping others, particularly when she helps with children.  She has volunteered in her church, at the animal shelter, with the Riverlodge Summer Program, at the hospital, as a leader at a Bible Camp.  She's helped at the museum and the CDC and she is a buddy with the LINK program.  She's always worked with children so it comes as no surprise to see her pursuing the Early Childhood Education program at the Northwest Community College as she starts off on her future career goal.

Navjit Pannu

Navjit also has an impressive volunteer base.  His has taken him further afield.  He has helped at the Surrey Urban Mission serving food for homeless people.  He has helped with fundraisers at the Sikh Temple, been a RYLA leader, showcased Bah-ang-ra at various events in Terrace and Kitimat, while also working at Overwaitea Foods.  He plans to pursue his academic career in Business at Northwest Community
College, then on to studies to become a Chartered Account.  After this, the plan is to open his own firm.

Rotarian Lyle McNish represented Rotary at the Scholarship Committee selection table.  Eleanor Kendell presented the scholarships on Thursday, June 13th at the Mount Elizabeth Theatre.



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Marianna Hammerstrom tells about Rotaract in Nanaimo - June 4

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Jun 06, 2013


Marianna is a Rylarian having attended both RYLA Lakelse and RYLA North.  This year she took it a step further volunteering her to be a leader at RYLA South.  She has just completed her first year as a student in Business Administration at the Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo.  With an energy and vision coming out of a RYLA experience as a leader, she and other leaders came together to establish Rotaract in their university.  The story of their accomplishments is truly remarkable.  Accolades aplenty go their way.  Marianna told us their story at our June 4th meeting.  She has promised to send it to us so it can be posted with this story.

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Adventures in Industry in the Port of Prince Rupert - May 21st to 24th

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on May 29, 2013

ImageColton Szmata and Nathan Furtado, grade 12 students from Mount Elizabeth Secondary School, were sponsored by our club to attend this adventure.  The many hours of commitment to make it a success, certainly showed.  Thanks go to organizers Bob Killbery and Leah Robinson. 


The youths certainly saw the port!  Starting at the Port Interpretive Centre, they toured B.C. Ferries, MV Northern Adventure from the bridge with all its navigational equipment, to the huge motors and repair area below decks.  Then it was on to the water for a tour where they saw logs loaded onto a vessel for shipment to foreign ports.  Next came Fairview Container Terminal with the day ending with a BBQ at Kiolya Bay and a chance to try sea kayaking. 

Thursday included a visit to Quickload Container Examination Facility to see the huge 'scanners' where all containers are off loaded then boxes scanned for illegal product.  Kristoff Trucking was next, with its huge warehouse where product is stored for short terms before moving to its end destination.  The students learned about work opportunities at Prince Rupert Grain, saw Ridley Terminals and the road/raid and utility corridor.  The day finished with a particularly informative tour of the North Pacific Cannery and delicious dinner. 


Friday started with a tour of the Canadian Coast Guard Base in Prince Rupert.  Learning how vast the scope of this organization's facility was enlightening.  Particularly eye-catching was the rescue helicopter and hearing its pilot's story.  The next stop was Northwest Community College and a fun experience for the youths.  Everyone tromped into the heavy equipment simulator trailer and each traded places as they tried moving controls on a backhoe, etc. while watching  the results on computer screens.  The afternoon was spent touring Broadwater Industries facilities, then Western Canada Marine Response Corp, another impressive business, with a place for everything and everything it its place.  Several trailers equipped for spill response move in tandem to make quick response to on the water spill disasters.

The youth helped out the environment to finish things off, some shore clean up in front of the Port Interpretive Centre.  Pizza took away the 'hungries' and then they were on there way back home.

William Koldenhoven was also registered from Kitimat but illness took over so he could not attend. 

Nathan and Colton expressed their sincere thanks to all of us for this excellent opportunity to participate in "Adventures".  Please see pictures in the Photo Albums taken on the tour.


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Navjit Pannu, our 2013 RYLA South Rylarian

Posted on May 29, 2013

May 27th, 2013.  Our club was treated to another Rylarian's story.  An experienced Rylarian, having attended RYLA Lakelse and also acted as a leader there, Nav returned from RYLA South with enthusiasm about his experience.  He appreciated the opportunity to be with students from other countries, Rotary Exchange Students, and said the difference in ages between the two camps did make a difference. Image Although the programs were much the same, experience showed in the workshops, and in the challenges.  An additional day was added to this year's RYLA South which allowed the youths to have an enlightening experience.  They helped in a soup kitchen to feed homeless people.  One of them talked with Nav, telling that he had been a Rylarian in years gone by.  He even knew the RYLA cheer.  With a crash course in dancing (a matter of hours to learn it) the group Flash Danced in front of the Vancouver Library.  What a fun ending.  Navjit send his thanks to our Rotary Club for sponsoring him to RYLA.  Without question, he is committed!


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Nechako Elementary School - 2013's Rotary Peace School

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on May 27, 2013

May 27th was an exciting day for the students at Nechako Elementary School.  Linda Campbell, chair of our club’s Peace Schools Committee, was on hand to recognize their outstanding efforts outlined in their submission to become this year’s Kitimat Rotary Peace School.  Students gathered in the school’s gymnasium for this recognition where Linda told them how happy she was to see what they have done throughout the year.  As one walks through the school, you see drawing done by students, their expression of kindness to others.  The Rotary Four Way Test is also posted.  Particular emphasis went to the younger students who certainly showed how much they cared.  They reached a goal to raise sufficient funds to purchase a Trail Rider so one of their student friends would be able to get outside and be with them on long walks through the woods.  Linda also praised their teachers and principal for their enthusiasm and commitment toward this Rotary initiative.  Donated by Luiza and Orland Couto, the cedar peace pole was then carved with the words “May Peace Prevail On Earth” by Riel Levesque.  Rotarians gave each student Peace bracelets.  The District of Kitimat topped off the happy occasion by giving the school a pass to Sam Lindsay Pool.  What fun for all the students!  Councilors Rob Goffinet and Edwin Empinado were there to join with all of us in Rotary to say, well done Nechako Elementary.Image

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2013-14 District Assembly at Terrace School Board meeting room

Posted on May 13, 2013

2013 District assembly - May 11, 2013

President elect Cheryl Rumley, Jo Hildebrandt and Eleanor Kendell joined with club representatives from  our Rotary Area for an upbeat District Assembly chaired by our 2013-14 President Garry Shear. 


 Garry’s professional career in marketing opened our thinking tied into the way we do business in Rotary.  The new Rotary International theme will be Engage Rotary, Change Lives.  This certainly provided food for thought and action as we move forward. 


Art Erasmus took us though an interactive Rotary Foundation challenge, several questions to answer that tested our knowledge.  This picture is of Art leading the discussion.




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Rick King, an evening never to be forgotten

Posted on May 06, 2013

ImageMay 4th shone with all the glory that the sunshine can bring.  We were in Terrace along with our friends from Skeena Valley and Terrace Rotary Club, keen with expectation, we had all been told how GREAT Rick King was as a speaker.  Happily, Rick saw Terrace at its best.  Even more so, credit goes to Chris Oatway for 'going for it' and asking "will you come?"  Well done Chris, because the answer was 'yes'.

I know there were tears as we were touched by the story of Rick's R.I. president friend, whose tiny grandbaby had been born, fought for life in hospital, was on a machine with tubes everywhere, a so, so helpless.  They word came come see her, we don't know whether she will last.  And they did.  The cry inside his friend's heart went out, help, help her, anyway I can but how.  And then he looked at the machine, and in a small corner there was a Rotary wheel, and a plaque.  The machine had been donated by his own Rotary Club. 

Of such is Rotary.

There was humor in the tales, of Las Vegas, and a young Rick working both ends of the stick, a talented singer on stage in Vegas, and a lawyer starting off in his fiend in those early days.  Rick moved his story through his first involvement through our organization, his role as our Rotary International President, how he knew our own Art Erasmus, our District 5040 president, the year he orchestrated the wide world of Rotary.

What a privilege and pleasure it was to hear Rick's story and to have this opportunity meet him.  Chris's committee chose to decorate the tables with origami Peace Cranes, such a nice reflection of this year's theme Pease Through Service. 

We had several of our members present that evening.  Sincere thanks go to our Rotary friends in Terrace for the invitation to join in this celebration evening.



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Brad Hildebrandt, our RYLA North candidate

Posted on Apr 23, 2013
ImageWhat an excellent presentation!  Brad gave us his thoughts on the adult experience of RYLA North.  He has seen presentation from other younger Rylarians and knows all about the energy of RYLA.  The RYLA North story is different, not in the content of what was done, but in the way it is presented.  Everyone is an adult and treated as such.  Good things happen at RYLA at all levels.  Brad certainly enjoyed his time there, in particular discussions and outlooks shared and the super leaders in Prince George.  Here he is with our president Margaret. 
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Nechako Elementary students fundraise for a TrailRider

Posted on Apr 06, 2013

April 2, 2013 meeting. 

Sincere thanks to our president-elect Cheryl for arranging to have Pat Mouland speak to us.  Pat teaches the students in Grades 2 and 3 at Nechako Elementary School.  Her students have been fundraising for the purchase of a TrailRider (see picture).  ImageThe TrailRider will allow a person unable to walk long distances to get outside and enjoy time with their friends.

The good news is the students have reached their goal!  The students will also make it available for community use.  The Lions Club was the first to donate with $7000.00, sufficient funds to meet their goal.  Still dollars kept coming in, resulting in a grand total of $16,000.  The additional fund will be set aside in an endowment fund.

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Museum in a Classroom

Posted on Mar 24, 2013
ImageOnce again, we had the privilege to hear from Kitimat Museum's Louise Avery, an update of this year's activities with Museum in a Classroom.  We have enjoyed the opportunity to support this excellent program for a few years now.  Jo Hildrebrandt presented Louise with a check for $500.00 to support the program.  The drawing are by Kildala and Nechako Elementary students.  Image
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Rotary Membership Training in Terrace - March 23rd

Posted on Mar 23, 2013

ImageCheryl, Jo and Eleanor headed over to the School Board Office in Terrace to learn some great Membership Building Ideas presented by our District 5040 Membership Chair, Hans Doge.  Particularly memorable was a video showing young new Rotarians and their reasons for being Rotarians.  And then there was a thought from Hans.   Want a novel idea to open the door when approaching a person about Rotary?  Take along a Rotarian magazine with your Rotary business card attached.  I'm a Rotarian and I think you would enjoy our organization.  I'm leaving this with you so you can check us out.  The key is to go back again in a weeks time, and talk Rotary up, then again a week later to  invite them to a meeting.  Hans says he has seen more than one businessperson join Rotary after this approach. 

Lunch was catered by Linda, the gal who also takes care of all the food for our Rylarians at Lakelse.  Abolutely great!


Another well worth thinking about approach was that of networking - the what's in it for you in your business life?  We did a lot of sharing of ideas, were challenged by thought provoking questions, brainstormed with our colleagues from the Terrace and Smithers clubs, and came away with genuine vibrant energy for Rotary.


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Ethiopia's children

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Mar 08, 2013


In October 2012, Rotarian Joanne Hildebrandt , member of our club,  joined a team of US and Canadian Rotarians travelling to Ethiopia to take part in a National Polio Immunization Day.  Polio immunization has been a  Rotary Foundation Program since 1987.  At that time there were more than 350,000 cases reported annually.  As of 2012, that number had been reduced to 212 cases.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and most recently Bloomberg Philanthropies have joined the global efforts to eradicate polio with their donations of millions of dollars.  This picture is one she took of a polio survivor. The second, Jo giving the vaccine to a child. 
 Image Image 

Joanne’s trip was one she will never forget.  With a tiny bottle of vaccine, two drops to each child, she gave a welcomed ‘special gift’ to mothers.  Their children would be protected from the dreaded disease – polio.  When asked to sum up her experience, Joanne said, “ It was a great honour to take part in this humanitarian effort.  Our group was divided in two and my group flew to Asosa to immunize in the city and surrounding villages.”  The photos she shared with us showed  two things: the humble living conditions of the villagers, and their generosity even though they had very little.



    Joanne continued by saying “The RC of Kitimat has assisted two Terrace Rotarians, Lesley and Art Erasmus, with funding to support a water supply and library in Legge Taffo village aka Yeka Taffo.  I was so touched.  The school children were a delight to behold and the staff so appreciative of all that we have done for them.  Quite the contrast for me, to see a class of 64 grade 1 students and class of 70 grade 8 students, sitting in barren rooms intent on learning with extremely limited school supplies and resources.” 



            Joanne is a special education elementary school teacher.  She is a past president of the Rotary Club of Kitimat, and president of the Board of Directors of the Kitimat Child Development Centre.  Persons volunteering to assist with this program take on the responsibility for travel and other costs tied into their commitment.  

Our club celebrates Joanne’s commitment to this Polio Plus vision to END POLIO NOW!




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2012 Rotary Club of Kitimat Silent Auction

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Jan 02, 2013

November the 25th was an action packed day for club members.  Several people stopped by earlier in the day to walk through the many items that would be auctioned, some placing prebids.  Once the clock 'chimed' noon, action began with action certainly lively on those that caught the eye of bidders. 


The size, shape, variety of pieces appealed to different interest.  There were close to 300 opportunities to bid, all due to the generosity of Kitimat and Terrace businesses, and some from as further afield, out of town accomodations, Via Rail passes, and, why not, a ticket with Hawkair.  And then there was the stunning diamond necklace from Cooks Jewellers.  What an impressive list of auction items!   


 All of us in Rotary send our sincere thanks to the many businesses who so generously gave their support to this Rotary year's auction.  Some $17,000+ was generated after all expenses paid.  These funds will be used to support projects here in Kitimat, scholarship, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Museum in a Classroom, Peace Day celebrations, immediately come to mind.  We also support international projects like the reforestation project in Uganda, a container shipment of medical equipment to the Philippines, and Polio Plus.

 Again, our sincere thanks to local and out of town businesses for your support. 

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Kildala Elementary 2012 Peace School winner

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Jun 13, 2012
Rotarian Linda Campbell found herself in the gymnasium of Kildala Elementary, one filled with excited, happy students, when she stopped by in June to present this year's recognition of their efforts that, once again, saw them receive the award as the top school in Kitimat for peace.  Councillors Rob Goffinet and Edwin Empinada (also a Rotarian) were on hand, as well as our club president, Bryan Salsbury and peace committee chair, Eleanor Kendell.
Linda and Agnes
Kildala Elementary 2012 Peace School winner Eleanor Kendell 2012-06-14 00:00:00Z 0

Tuesday April 17, 2012 meeting change.

Posted by Bryan Salsbury on Apr 10, 2012
Our normal Tuesday meeting will be cancelled and instead will meet at the Hirsch Creek Gold Club Thursday April 19, 2012 with fellow Rotarian Jim Dahl from the Ketchikan, Alaska club. Please join us in fellowship and welcome our guest to Kitimat.
Tuesday April 17, 2012 meeting change. Bryan Salsbury 2012-04-11 00:00:00Z 0

Tuesday April 17, 2012 meeting change

Posted by Bryan Salsbury on Apr 10, 2012
Our normal Tuesday meeting will be cancelled and instead will meet at the Hirsch Creek Gold Club Thursday April 19, 2012 with fellow Rotarian Jim Dahl from the Ketchikan, Alaska club. Please join us in fellowship and welcome our guest to Kitimat.
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Recognizing St. Anthony's Elementary School

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Feb 07, 2012
On February 6th, filling in for committee chair Linda Campbell, Eleanor Kendell presented a framed recognition certificate to Paul Cornthwaite, principal of St. Anthony's Catholic School for their participation in the 2010-2011 Rotary Peace School's project.  There were lots of smiles in the room when Kendell asked if anyone recognized her.  Hands went up everywhere - Mrs. Claus.  On that date, anyone climbing to the top of the stairs would have seen a cork board filled with photos, and words from the students and large letters LEARN, BELIEVE, PRAY. 
This, along with the welcome sign on the door, stood out as fine examples of the many things St. Anthony's students and staff are doing that fit with the scoring on the Peace School's scoring sheets.  Sincere congratuation to all the students and staff from all of us at Rotary

Recognizing St. Anthony's Elementary School Eleanor Kendell 2012-02-08 00:00:00Z 0

Kildala Elementary School - our first Rotary Peace School in Kitimat

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Jun 23, 2011

The children at Kildala Elementary celebrated their achievement as our community's first peace school on June 21st.  Members of our Kitimat council were on hand for the occasion as well as representatives from our club.  Students gathered in front of the Peace Pole, one class holding Pinwheels for Peace, to mark this happy occasion.  The pole was imprinted by Nicholas Sluyter, Mount Elizabeth Secondary School's woodworking teacher and donated by Orlando and Luiza Couto.  Each student was given a peace bracelet with the words "Give Peace A Chance" imprinted on it.   Thanks to a District of Kitimat Grant, the students enjoyed a visit to our pool the following day, an well deserved treat for this fine students.  Our Rotary Club would like to recognize Agnes Casgrain, school principal, along with her staff, for their outstanding efforts for peace in their school.  The school was also presented with a plaque that will be held in the school to mark their accomplishment.

Linda Campbell chaired  our Rotary committee for this.  The pole is beautiful. 

Kildala Elementary School - our first Rotary Peace School in Kitimat Eleanor Kendell 2011-06-24 00:00:00Z 0

Vancouver Welsh Men's Choir

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Jun 07, 2011

June 6th, saw the members of the Vancouver Men's Welsh Choir perform in Kitimat on two occasions, an afternoon concert for Kitimat elementary school students and the evening performance.  Rio Tinto Alcan was the major sponsor for performances on this northern B.C. tour of the choir.  Our Rotary club was the local sponsor, providing the fellows with refreshments during the intermission.  The music was a joy to listen to, filled with a love of singing, and smiles on the faces of listeners and performers alike.  The choir was joined for the final song by our Mount Elizabeth Secondary School Glee Club--the song--Let There Be Peace On Earth.  This song is used in Rotary as our official Peace Song.



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Edwin Empindo's induction

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Apr 24, 2011

Our April 19th meeting was a celebration as we welcomed our newest member Edwin Empinado.  The induction ceremony was read by past presidents, Gareen Ball, Lynda Rocha, Robin Lapointe and I as this year’s president.  We are indeed fortunate having Edwin’ joining us as our fifth new member of the Rotary Club of Kitimat for this year.     We know he brings an enthusiasm for service and happiness in living that is contagious.

Welcome again Edwin!     

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District Assembly, April 16, 17

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Apr 17, 2011

Lyle McNish, Bryan Salsbury, Jo Ann Hildebrandt, Margaret Warcup and Eleanor Kendell attended the Saturday District Assembly.  This year our incoming District Chair Hans Doge decided to do things differently.  Lesley Erasmus called a few of us to ask if we would facilitate different modules of the workshop.  Hans was a fountain of Rotary knowledge something that helped to make the sessions great.  Participation was the order of the day.  Many thanks go to Lesley for all the work she did organizing the Assembly.  Kudos also go to our club Rotarians who took the two days to attend this and the Future Vision workshop.


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Museum in a Classroom

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Apr 16, 2011

Our April 12th meeting featured Louise Avery from the Kitimat Centennial Museum speaking on a subject that is valued by all of us, the Museum in a Classroom program.  Our Rotary Club if Kitimat has been a proud supporter of the program since its inception.  Eileen Hutson is the artist that facilitates these opportunities for children.  Teachers book sessions through the museum.  The students learn to create artwork using different materials, charcoal, watercolors, and pencil crayons as examples.  These supplies are of premier quality.  As such the costs to provide them are significant. 

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Wild, Wild West Foundation Fundraiser in Terrace

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Apr 09, 2011

Each year the three Rotary clubs in our area join together to host an evening of fun and lively bidding to raise dollars for our Rotary Foundation.  The hosting of the event moves from club to club.  This year we kicked up heels to country music on the dance floor of the Skeena Valley Golf Course. 

A large crowd was on hand with a good many cow gals and guys dressed to the nines.  One fellow even carried his lasso and was set to ride, chaps and all.  Gerry Martin made the evening that much more fun as our auctioneer. 

 Zelda and Steve Kietzmann sat with Jo Ann, Bryan and I.  They are from South Africa, a place in this world that Jo had visited.  My there were stories to tell.  Steve was a youth exchange student with the Terrace Club some years back. 

Kudos to our club's president elect Bryan Salsbury for moving his body so well in the Macarena.  The appetizers served were EXCELLENT.   We expect the dollars generated from the auction should be quite high, all in aid of our Rotary Foundation.


We look forward to 2012 and another evening of memorable Rotary fellowship!

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Rotary World Help Network in the Philippines - Edwin's story

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Apr 09, 2011

Edwin Empinado shared his experiences during his visit home to the Phillipines where he met with Rotarians from his country who coordinated the containers move at their end.  Highlights in his photos were the children with the computers in the makeshift classroom; the smiling faces of so many Pilipino people with many different items that they would be putting to good use in hospitals, schools and more.  Remarkable also was the photo of the area filled with items that actually went into the container.  It was good to hear how the Rotary World Help Network (RWHN) took care of this inventory.  Edwin was certainly impressed.   Finally there were the huge banners for RWHN and our Rotary Club of Kitimat there for all to see.



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Fireside with Art and Leslie Erasmus

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Apr 09, 2011

It was great having Art and Leslie Erasmus join us for our Fireside on Friday.  I know of no Rotarians who can tell a better story about the Rotary Foundation that they do.  Art is a fountain of knowledge about our Foundation.  Not wanting to bog us down with details, he shared the reasons for his personal commitment, also highlighting the accomplishments of Polio Plus.  Of course, Lesley brought the personal touch to the story, the joy of seeing water spouting from the water well, the children’s love generously given, and more. 

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Brandi Thornton – Kitimat Community Corner

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Mar 25, 2011

Brandi Thornton, adult literacy coordinator, was our guest speaker at our March 20th meeting.  Now located across from the Bank of Montreal, the new home for the Kitimat Community Service Society’s literacy program is brightly painted and welcoming. Both the staff and the public are happy with the new location.  We were told how their programming is now much broader than reading, writing and arithmetic.  The organization has programs at Delta King Place, and the senior’s centre.  

Brandi Thornton – Kitimat Community Corner Eleanor Kendell 2011-03-26 00:00:00Z 0

Rob Eby and Casda Thomas - RYLA LAKELSE

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Mar 12, 2011

Rob Eby and Casda Thomas were our guest speakers at Tuesday’s meeting.  As expected, their message about the RYLA Lakelse camp experience for our youth was excellent.  During their presentation, a question went out about Dragon Boats, doing this again this year, was there anyone in our club who was a Dragon Boater?  Hands went up from both sides of the table. 

Rob Eby and Casda Thomas - RYLA LAKELSE Eleanor Kendell 2011-03-13 00:00:00Z 0

Bryan's PETS experience

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Mar 05, 2011

Our president-elect, Bryan Salsbury, has now returned from the Rotary training sessions for incoming presidents. PETS was held in Seattle: some 800 plus president-elects were in attendance   The three president-elects from our region (two from Terrace) travelled together.  In true Rotary fashion, good fun was the result.  Bryan describes the workshop sessions as informative, plenary sessions inspiring with excellent motivational speakers, and the District 5040 hospitality room as one to remember.  He was particularly inspired by a video that was show of our new Rotary International President's message for this year.  RI president, Kaylan Banerjee. is from the Rotary Club of Nai, Gujarat, India.  Reach Within to Embrace Humanity is the theme for Rotary's 2011-1012 year.

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Induction of new members, Tina Slanina and Bonnie Rendell Bryan Salsbury 2011-02-18 00:00:00Z 0

Four Way Test Print

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Feb 07, 2011



Rotarian Lynda Rocha shared the story of the Rotary Club of Kitimat Four Way Test Print at our February 1st meeting. how It began, how long it has been going for, how many prints we have sold and have left, and the wording in the original agreement between Haisla artist, Mervin Windsor and the Rotary Club of Kitimat.  The club is not quite half way with the sale of the prints (400 prints were made).  Anyone interested in reading more about the prints can check the downloads for the print to the left of this story on this website.

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Valentine's Social

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Feb 07, 2011

Our Valentine's Social on Friday the 4th was a great evening!  Prizes were fun, particularly the googley Valentine red glasses with heart ‘earrings’ dangling down.  It was FUN cheering everyone on as they either strummed the guitar are rattled away on the drums.  And then there was the good natured laughter for dancers and singers.  No question is was a super evening.    Thanks to Linda Lester for taking care of the organization and all the fun prizes. 

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Wines of the World

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Feb 06, 2011


Our 2010 Wines of the World evening 

The evening of Saturday, January 29th saw the Community Room at our Riverlodge Community Centre filled with some 180 happy wine tasters.  The atmosphere was upbeat and the room colorful. Wine tasters soon were laughing and sharing stories--how their palettes did (or did not) enjoy each of the wines that were showcased.  This year's wines were from Italy, Venezuala, Spain and South Africa.  Appetizers were plentiful and well received.  One again, the chocolate fountain was a hit.  Winners of the draws for the theme baskets and the quilt were thrilled to be taking them home.  All in all it was an excellent evening.  Proceeds for the evening have now been tallied.  We are pleased to be able to say they are excellent, a little higher that $2600.00  Sincere thanks to to all those who supported our clubs efforts with this fundraiser. 

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Christmas caroling

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Jan 16, 2011

December 7th found all of our members heading out into the snow with Santa hats and song sheets to sing Christmas songs in Kitmat.  We visited the Super Valu, Overwaitea, Kiwanis Village and Delta King Place. 

It was certainly fun and well received by everyone who heard our music!

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Books for Babies

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Nov 28, 2010

Books for Babies

Karin Grossman came out to our meeting on November 21 to tell us all about a program Kitimat Public Library facilitates—their Books for Babies.  Small books are given to mothers for reading to their babies when they leave Kitimat General Hospital with their newborn child.  We learned that reading to an infant does build a strong foundation tied into their ability to learn and their  

developmental skills.  In the past, funding for this project came from government sources.  With cuts to literacy programs funding, the program no longer receives government support.   The library is looking for financial support from clubs or organizations in Kitimat so they will be able to continue the program.

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Remembering back

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Nov 11, 2010

More than just soldiers to remember…

Art Erasmus , former District 5040 District Governor, shared a thought provoking and touching story at our meeting just before Remembrance Day.  It was of a mother fleeing with six children, a 16 year old girl, and the advancing troops close on their heels.  There was a profoundly difficult decision that she had to make, and a need for strong determination  and love as she labored on. The story made us all realize how families, through no fault of their own, were hurt by the atrocities of war.

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Induction of new members

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Nov 11, 2010

All of us send congratulations to Jeff Sherstabetoff, Bryan Salsbury, and Lyle McNish, the newest members of our Rotary Club of Kitimat.  Our very best wishes go to them for a rewarding time in our club.  We are looking forward to having them as players on our team.

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The Rotary Club of Terrace's Brian Downie

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Nov 06, 2010


The 2010 Rotary International Convention in Montreal

We were previleged to hear Brian Downie’s stories from the the June Convention on Tuesday. The kick off to his presentation was probably the number one passion for Brian, Polio Pluls and the inroads that have been made toward its eradication in the world.  Our partnership with the World Health Organization is succeeding.  The next story was about a woman that Brian said we all would admire, Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan.  Her understanding of and dedication to resolving conflict on a global level is one to be revered.  Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea, a man who has built schools in the remotest parts of Pakistan for children’s story came next.  Greg’s reasoning is if we can educate children, particularly girls, we will be starting them off with learning that will make a difference in their lives and those of their future families.  Some 14,000 Rotarians attended the convention.  This in itself had an unforgettable impact on Brian, a testimony to the commitment of Rotarians from all parts of the world to come together in fellowship.  If we every get an opportunity go to to an internatonal convention, Brian says “go”.  They are a memorable and inspiring expereince.

The Rotary Club of Terrace's Brian Downie Eleanor Kendell 2010-11-07 00:00:00Z 0

All about Rotary

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Oct 23, 2010
We had a pleasant evening at the City Centre Motel's meeting room with invited guests as we shared information about Rotary International and our Rotary Club of Kitimat.  Cheryl Rumley did an excellent presentation enhanced by the use of a PowerPoint slide show.  As always there was excellent food to nibble on, and good conversation.  It was our pleasure to bring the news of Rotary to some excellent Kitimat people. 
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ACT Telethon (familar faces)

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Oct 23, 2010

ACT Telethon

Service Above Self came into action at the Sunday airing of this year’s telethon for several Rotarians.  Margaret Warcup chaired this year's telethon.  Linda Lester check off the acts as they came in for rehearsal, JoAnne Hildebrandt was in the backroom “counting out the money”, and Eleanor Kendell helped with decorations, Lynda Rocha was there supporting as well.  The auction funds came in around $42,000, very well done indeed.  Another year to say thank you Kitimat.

ACT Telethon (familar faces) Eleanor Kendell 2010-10-24 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar visits our club

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Oct 21, 2010

Harold Danilkewich – speaker at our October 19th meeting

Harold now travels with passports from two different countries, Canada; his birthplace was in Saskatchewan, and Australia, the country he has chosen to adopt as his own.  Harold made the move to Australian when he was chosen to be a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar.  We learned of his experiences visiting Rotary Club’s in Australia in this capacity (there was an occasion when he heard the debate on whether to allow women into Rotary).  And then there was stories about Harold work experiences in many countries of the world.  He is a mechanical engineer.  It was particularly interesting to find out about Australia’s wealth of natural resources   Harold is now the Area Superintendent for the Rio Tinto Alcan Modernization Project.
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Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Sep 23, 2010
Sept 21, 2010 dawned with clear blue skies, a delight for all of us who remember last year's rainy weather.  This year's making of our human peace sign was done in the Riverlodge parking lot.  The stage was large and beautifully decorated, we had hot chocolate for anyone who was interested, the music was perfect (as always) and the crowd of people all had smiles on their faces.  Our MLA, Robin Austin, was on hand to say a few words along with our Mayor Joanne Monaghan.  The success of Kitimat's marking of Peace Day goes far beyond Rotary: the Masons, Snowflake Seniors, Bandstra, Rio Tinto Alcan, our fire department, Riverlodge's staff, Kitimat Iron, T L & T Electric, Rylarians, MESS students, photographers Dwight Magee and Noel Gaucher, Shelley Jackson, Virginia Charron, and Monica Rigoni to name a few.  The highlight mentioned by many people was the releasing of the balloons to finish off the gathering, each one sending our message for Peace out to our community and further

Support for Peace Day from our Library

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Sep 14, 2010
Well done to the staff at our Kitimat Public Library.  The window display as you walk in the door is outstanding!  They have chosen several books about peacemakers, and showcased John Lennon and Yoko Ono's song--All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance.  Our thanks go to librarian, Virginia Charron.
Support for Peace Day from our Library Eleanor Kendell 2010-09-15 00:00:00Z 0

Advertising for Peace Day

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Sep 07, 2010
The Kitimat Centennial Museum's  Program for young children used their small hands to create peace artwork this summer.  When we suggested the idea to Louise Avery, museum curator, she was quick to say, sure.  We’d be delighted to do this.  The drawings were hung in the City Centre Mall.   A big thank you to Rotarian Linda Campbell for getting this up and for her enthusiasm as a Rotary Peace Day ambassador! 
Advertising for Peace Day Eleanor Kendell 2010-09-08 00:00:00Z 0

Rylarians tell their story

Posted by Eleanor Kendell on Sep 07, 2010

Our 2010 Rylarians from RYLA Lakelse, Carly Roberts, Sarah Khan, Joshua Alcaserba and Navjit Pannu shared their experiences at RYLA and what stories they were! They certainly were challenged in many ways, from writing and singing their teams RYLA cheers, to making use of a carpentry talent, in many cases having an electric drill in their hands for the first time. Team banners were created and of course team names chosen.  Lots of color and all very different.  It seemed the hot water ran out in the showers so cold was an unwelcomed happening.  Without questions the youths had FUN.

Rylarians tell their story Eleanor Kendell 2010-09-08 00:00:00Z 0
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A thank you to St. Anthony's school students

Posted by Devrie Lapointe
A thank you to St. Anthony's school students Devrie Lapointe 0
Don't miss this years Wine Festival! Devrie Lapointe 0

2014 Peace Day in Kitimat

Posted by Devrie Lapointe

September 21, 2014 brought a welcome change to Kitimat – SUNSHINE.  Yes, we were able to head outside for the Human Peace Sign photo with short sleeved shirts and no rain gear.  This was our 6th year to mark the United Nations International Day of Peace here in Kitimat and what a celebration it was.

Partnering with the Kitimat Public Library was outstanding!  Virginia Charron, Library Director, applied for and received a grant from Veterans’ Affairs Canada, allowing us the opportunity to bring two outstanding entertainers to Kitimat; Phyllis Wheaton and Tom Poole from Calgary.   Phyllis is the author of In the Mood for Peace a remarkable story of a Canadian Peacekeeper Soldier deployed to remove land mines, his death by a freak accident, and the little dolls he gave to children in war torn lands.  The story grew with the little dolls.  Today 1000s of Canadian women make Izzy Dolls which are sent to give comfort to children where they are needed.   Their performance told the story with Powerpoint pictures, songs and the simple telling of tale.

 The day showcased a Flash Mob orchestrated by young women from the Dance Kitimat involving children from this year’s Kitimat Peace School, St. Anthony’s.   Louise Barbetta said a welcoming prayer recognizing the Haisla Nation, our Mayor Joanne Monaghan spoke, we were touched by the singing of a children’s choir, Jamie Marcial’s band’s  music was savoured by all of us, youth’s from the Girl Guides of Kitimat and also Kitimat schools carried the flags of nations.  The event was also accompanied by muffins, hot chocolate, face painters and also some special door prizes.  

Many people made the day what it was.  Mayor and council for the use of Riverlodge’s gym, Susie Smeader. Hueylin Guizzo, the students from St. Anthony, Dance Kitimat, Dwight Magee for taking the peace sign photo, James Marcial the video, Leavitt Machinery, Daudet Contracting, the Library staff and many more.  Those of us in Rotary who championed the day, Linda Campbell and myself send our sincere thanks to our other ‘committee member’ Virginia for moving this salute forward.  

Eleanor Kendell, chair, 

Rotary Club of Kitimat Peace Committee

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Light Up Kitimat Devrie Lapointe 0
International Day of Peace Devrie Lapointe 0

2014 United Nations International Day of Peace

Posted by Eleanor Kendell

This year will see Kitimat marking the United Nations International Day of Peace at Riverlodge.  Start time is 2:00 in the afternoon.  We will look forward to welcoming guest entertainers, Phyllis Wheaton and Tom Poole from Calgary, AB.  Phyllis is the author of In the Mode for Peace, the story of a United Nations Canadian Peacekeeping soldier who was killed when he and his fellow soldiers were attempting the removal of land mines in Croatia.  It is the story of the Izzy Doll and the impact on our world's children who so need caring, a remarkable story.  Phyllis and her band have traveled the world with their music.  We are fortunate to have them with us on Peace Day.  Credit goes to Veterans Affairs Canada for financial support and the vision of our Kitimat Public Library's administration for their being with us.  We'll finish with the making of our 6th Kitimat Human Peace Sign.  Hot chocolate and goodies for all!



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Between the Cracks Food program

Posted by Eleanor Kendell



We heard from Gillian Venman, Community Link Worker and Mount Elizabeth Principal, Janet Meyer at our November 19th meeting.  Support for the school's Between the Cracks Food program  has been encouraging.  At the end of the day, every dollar donated to the program is spent.  Effort is also made to keep costs down while ensuring students are eating 'healthy food choice' foods.  There are some 36 students who take advantage of the program.  We have supported this program previously and hope to do so again. Left to right, Janet Meyer, Margaret Warcup, Gillian Venman, Cheryl Rumley and Joann Hildebrandt.

Between the Cracks Food program Eleanor Kendell 0

Foundation month

Posted by Eleanor Kendell

Past District Governor Art Erasmus joined us for our November 5th meeting as we began Rotary Foundation Month.  We learned about ways to make a difference through the Rotary Foundation.  



We learned that Rotary International serves over 33, 000 Rotary clubs Worldwide. Rotary Foundation serves by giving, collecting and dispersing funds in six areas to serve the world. They are: Promoting Peace, Fighting Disease, Providing clean water, Saving mothers and children, Supporting education and Growing local economies.  We also enjoyed hearing about a Bee Project, Bee Keeping in Ethiopia. This is being championed by Art with the support of  his club, the Rotary Club of Terrace.  The goal is to receive financial support by partnering with other clubs in our District in an application tied into this project for a Rotary Foundation grant. 

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Peace Rock has its home!

Posted by Eleanor Kendell

August 24 was a big day for our Rotary Club!

Mathew Stephen, Jeff Wilken, Kevin Minaker. and Brian Wakita spent the morning moving giant rocks. 


 The guys from Wakita Construction Limited arrived at the site  at 9:30 with Brian already at the controls of an excavator.  Two rocks were there for us to see, stacked on top of one another, most impressive but too curvy for easy placement of the plaque.  Others were selected, moved into trial placement, and finally we were happy, this will look well.  Brian then loaded them onto a flat deck, guided by the guys.  We had picked two sitting rocks, one larger for adults, one smaller for children, the big rock and smaller rocks to support it.  Then down to Centennial Park to move them into place.  A second excavator, smaller than the first one, was used to move the rocks up over the lawn.  Protection material was laid before the tracks to offset any possible damage.  The process continued with the huge jaws of the machine able to hammer rocks into place.  Here is the end result.  Smiling faces of all the guys.  Rotarian Robin Lapointe orchestrated this exercise from Rotary's end, with Margaret Warcup, Brad Hildebrandt and Eleanor Kendell on hand to add their help where needed.

All of us in the Rotary Club of Kitimat send our sincere thanks to them.  What a great team!  This is a huge in-kind donations to the club and it is so appreciated!  Thank you Wakita Construction Limited.

Peace Rock has its home! Eleanor Kendell 0

Open House at LNG Canada``

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
ImageRather than our regular meeting at the Golf Course to end off our 2012-13 year, members decided to take in an Open House hosted by LNG Canada.  It proved to be a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of the proposed project.  Good visual were posted on the wals, a video told the story, there were a good many Shell employees available to answer questions, along with literature for the taking.  It was a festive occasion, tents with abundant seating, burgers or hot dogs, chips etc. to satisfy appetites.   Rob Seeley, manager for this project, gave us an update of where the project is now, and just how long it will likely take for it to come to fruition.  This is a proposed project that his team is working hard to see realized.  The timeframe anticipated is a ten year one.  Hereditary Chief, Sammy Robinson, spoke for the Haisla, while Mayor Joanne Monaghan spoke for council.  For those with a sweet tooth, a giant cake cutting finished off the celebration.  LNG Canada is located in the former Methanex administration building.
Open House at LNG Canada`` Eleanor Kendell 0

Visit to Kildala Elementary's First Nations Resource Centre

April 9th was certainly a treat evening for us.  Rotarian Agnes Casgrain, principal of the school, gave us a tour of this beautiful resource centre.  Moreover, she spoiled us all with dinner, chicken, salads, veggies and more!  We learned the significance behind this room and of its importance, particularly to Haisla children.  The room showcases outstanding Haisla artwork and photos with their stories of Haisla role models.Image
Visit to Kildala Elementary's First Nations Resource Centre 0

Christmas at Lynda's

Posted by Eleanor Kendell

 Our Christmas brunch at Lynda Rocha's was WOW - special.  Great fun, lots of delicious food, silly gifts, yes, so many laughs.  What a nice memory of Rotarian's having a good time together.  We were particularly blessed to have Ava and Lucca, our Queen Lucy's two children with us.  So impressive having you with us Lucy - Ava, was is just a week old?  She is a beautiful new member for your family.  Of course, Lucca stole the show again.

An added unexpected happening ended the day, Lynda presented Eleanor with a Rotarian of the Year recognition, a lovely hand etched wooden box created by Heidi Born.  Here we all are smiling happily together!


Christmas at Lynda's Eleanor Kendell 0

So Close!

After Joanne's presentation we were inspired to group together this shot, our We are This Close to ending polio now.


So Close! 0

Presentation to Council of framed Peace Declaration

Posted by Eleanor Kendell

 Councillor Rob Goffinet accepted the framed Peace Declaration, signed by all members of council and Rotary Club of Kitimat, at a recent District of Kitimat Council meeting.  Eleanor Kendell made the presentation on behalf our Rotary Club

Presentation to Council of framed Peace Declaration Eleanor Kendell 0

Marking the 2011 United Nations International Peace Day in Kitimat

Posted by Eleanor Kendell

SEPTEMBER 21, 2011

Awakening to heavy rains, the day did not look promising!  And the rain continued on.  Good news came mid afternoon when the fellows were setting up the trailer.  The tents went up, rain now reduced to a steady drizzle, with small glitches addressed by the boys taking care of the stage.  A couple of hours later the stage was ready for our musicians to take over.

The Sikh Temple fellows arrived with their delicious samosa and more, and soon the Filipino ladies were on hand with their kabobs.  Families started arriving for food and the good feeling of Peace Day began  The Peace Doves mini parade started off promptly at 6:45 .  The doves were 'carried by Girl Guides and their leaders.  What a joy it was to follow the Spirit of the Kitlope Dancers as they led us in our parade around Riverlodge.  Where drumming motivates!  When we arrived at the stage, the music was playing.  John, Nadia and Susie were out again this year.  Mayor Monaghan was on hand to give thoughts from the United Nations president and also wishes for peace that come from our community.  Our Rotary Rylarians (youths who  have attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards camps) read the meanings behind the letters of PEACE and also the 4Rs of the Rotary Peace Credo.  Then we heard from our Rotary president, Bryan Salsbury.  Bryan talked about our international theme for this year, Reach Within to Embrace Humanity and its fit with our Kitimat Club's vision to make Kitimat a Rotary Peace Community. 

 And there were balloons galore again this year.  Many smiles on the faces of young and old alike.  After picking up our balloons from our Rylarians, we moved across the parking lot to where the human peace sign markings had been laid out on the ground by the fellows from the Masons.  They moved us into position, we listened for the word from photographer, Dwight Magee up in the bucket truck, and soon the word went out, three, two, one, go.  Such a sight to see them fly up so quickly. And our firemen were out again this year to cheer us on!  

When all was done, we passed our handshakes or hugs for peace.  And the wish went out - MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH. 

For more photos of Peace Day please view our photo album.

Marking the 2011 United Nations International Peace Day in Kitimat Eleanor Kendell 0

2012-13 Installation of Officers

Posted by Eleanor Kendell

What's that saying?  Better late than...

With vacation time, business commitments out of town and more, our club found itself doing our installation of officers far later than originally planned.  Still, the occasion was an impressive one.  We gathered at the City Centre Motel, room provided thanks to Lynda Rocha.  The lasagna was "the best", great salads and desserts, not surprising made by Rotarians.  Lesley Erasmus, our Area Governor, officiated at the ceremony.  Sworn into office were, Margaret Warcup, President, Robin Lapointe, Secretary, Lyle McNish, Treasurer, Cheryl Rumley, President Elect, Eleanor Kendell, Director of Public Relations, Jo Hildebrandt, Director of Club Administration.  Gareen Ball was Master of Ceremonies for the evening.  The star for the evening was, once again, young Lucca, Lucy Zanardo's son.  What a delight to have him with us!  Unfortunately missing from the evening was Bryan Salsbury, our past president.  With the heavy snowfall on the Terrace-Kitimat highway, he was in an accident where his truck was completely totalled.  The good news is he came out of it with headaches and scratches but no serious injuries and is now back pretty much fully recovered.


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2011 Pinoy Fiesta!

Posted by Joshua Callahan
 Our club in association with the Kitimat Phil-Can Society organized a Pinoy Fiesta to help raise money for the container of medical supplies that was sent to the Philippines last year. It was a very successful evening thanks to the hard work of Lynda Rocha, Edwin Empinado the Dragon Cafe and all the volunteers. Together we celebrated with great food, dancing and music along with a special presentation on the container project. Sharing the impact of the container project with the 125+ community members in attendance truly a magnificent addition to the night. 
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Area Governor Hans Doge visits Kitimat

Posted by Eleanor Kendell

What a beautiful day to have Hans visiting our community!  August the 9th was spectacular!  Hans had an opportunity to see a little bit of our community and the different projects that our club has done.  Hans was taken out at Hospital Beach Park, a spot where our club has held picnics.    We moved on to the Rotary Gazebo in Centennial Park.  During the summer the two gazebos were painted by youths from a group called SHARE, a project coordinated by the Baptist Church.  The youths were a happy lot to work with and certainly dedicated to sharing. 

We gathered at Robin Lapointe's home for a barbeque, and yes we had fresh caught salmon on the grill.  Our Area Governor Lesley Erasmus along with her husband Art joined us from Terrace.  Hans shared some humorous stories and certainly an inspiring message.  Memorable was a Rotary challenge, one we all are aware of, the Bill Gates initative and what Rotarians are doing to match it.  Hans also encourage to not be afraid of change, essentially to consider anything and everything that will advance our organization, its membership and its value to everyone.  We were credited for all the work we have done as a club and told his 'door is open any time'.  All we have to do is 'knock'.

The evening was brightened with a visit from young Lucca, Rotarian Lucy Zanardo's new son.   Not surprisingly, his visit caught everyone's attention. 

Thanks go to all Rotarians for bringing along delicious salads, desserts and appetizers. 




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Welcome to our newest Rotarian - Agnes Casgrain

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
 At our October 9th meeting, members of our Rotary Club of Kitimat were pleased to witness the installation of Agnes Casgrain by our president Margaret Warcup and president elect Cheryl Rumley.  it was a time for celebration with everyone sharing their own stories afterwards - why I came into Rotary?   Below is a snapshot taken at our meeting place with Margaret, Cheryl, Jo Anne Hildebrandt, Agnes's sponsor, and Agnes.  A warm Rotary welcome to you Agnes!

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Kitimat celebrates the United Nations International Day of Peace by becoming a Rotary Peace Community

Posted by Eleanor Kendell



Roger Cram was the first speaker at the Rotary International Peace Summit back in 2008.  Reading the program before leaving Kitimat I wondered where Modeling Future Heroes would take us.  The answer—a voyage of learning and rewarding experiences.  Today I have three of the 14 Attributes of Heroes for Peace in front of me that Roger sent along at my request. They are on the wall above my desk—Perseverance, Change and Vision.  All three have cheered me along the way.   It is “Vision” , however, that gave our Rotary Club of Kitimnat the goal, gave us the stepping stones, and in its pursuit gave us success. 

Here is Roger’s quote for vision:

 (Vision) Envision things as wonderful as they can be, not as they are, and then strive to create positive change toward these envisioned goals. All great accomplishments started as a vision that others could not see.

On September 21st, 2012, our Rotary Club of Kitimat saw a vision for peace brought to us by other Rotarians at that Summit—Rotary Peace Communities—become a reality.  Kitimat is now a Rotary Peace Community. 

ImageOur Rotary Peace Community Declaration Agreement is signed by Mayor Joanne Monaghan, Councillor Mario Feldhoff, Councillor Edwin Empinado, Councillor Ro Goffinet, Councillor Corinne Scott, Councillor Philip Germuth, and Councillor Mary Murphy.  Signing for our club are our President Margaret Warcup and Peace Committee Chair, Eleanor Kendell. 

In the agreement we have pledged to each other that we will promote “Peace, Understanding and Goodwill” between people residing here and in communities around the world, by making the following resolutions:

Share our time and material resources in a spirit of generosity to put an end to exclusion, injustice and, political and economic oppression;

Promote consumer behavior that is responsible and development practices that respect all forms of life and preserve the balance of nature on the planet;

Contribute to the development of our community, with the full participation of all people and respect for democratic principles in order to create solidarity together.

Rotary Community Peace Credo

Respect for cultural diversity, and the life and dignity of every person,

without discrimination or prejudice;

Rejection of violence towards all people in all its forms;

Resolution of conflict within local and global communities;

Reconciliation of differences in the pursuit of harmony.

In spite of windy weather, the evening ran smoothly.  Smiling faces were everywhere, music filled the air with a delightful children’s choir adding their charm and talent.  The Spirit of the Kitlope dancers lead us out of the theatre for the making of our fourth Kitimat Human Peace Sign.  Our two giant peace doves, made by following Jane Goodall’s pattern from Roots and Shoots, were also front and centre.  There were excellent messages from our MLA Robin Austin, Shelley Bolton speaking for the Haisla Nation, our Mayor Joanne Monaghan and Rotary president Margaret Warcup.  The evening finished off by everyone sharing a peace handshake with friends around them and the singing of Rotary’s “Peace Song” Let There Be Peace On Earth.

Thanks go to so many Kitimat businesses, organizations and people for making the evening a success.

For the end Rotary Peace Community result, long distance thanks go to Rotarians from afar who answered our peace questions, peace school questions, cheered us on.  First to Anna Jurak, who chaired the committee that saw Windsor become a Peace Community.  and Jennifer Jones, chair of the 2008 Peace Summit (Windsor ON).  To Roger Cram, who shared all 14 attributes with me and allowed me to use portions of his PowerPoint when we started this all off.  And then via e-mail Geoffrey Little (Wagga Wagga, Australia), the fellow who started Peace Cities rolling and his definition for the letters of P E A C E  Jeffrey Reiss, (Koh Samui Thailand), who I first found with his website for Rotary Peace Communities, a fine Rotary Peace Ambassador.  (both Jeffs are now friends now that I’ve met them at the Bangkok Conference) to Dean Rohrs, who was the District Governor that encouraged us to go to the Peace Summit. For this I will always be grateful.  Bob Blacker, Penny Offer and Hans Doge (Vancouver BC), Rebecca MacPherson (Quesnel BC), all District 5040 Governors, excellent supporters for this peace initiative, Wilf Wilkinson, (Woodstock ON), Rotary International President at the time of the summit and the fellow who tells me “Go for it” and does it with his infectious smile, Roger Cram (Hiram, Ohio), I’m already mentioned Roger, Bashir El-Khalafawi (Parksville BC), how also started me on our way with Parksville’s Peace story—the first Rotary Peace Community in Canada, Pramila Sinha (Edmonton AB), who, along with husband Shall, a Peace Model sharing her personal inspiring stories  Nancy Wilson (Prince Rupert BC) and Lesley Erasmus (Terrace BC), our Area Governors during this time and  most recently Kalyan Banerjee (Vapi India)


Eleanor Kendell

Chair of the Rotary Club of Kitimat Peace Committee

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RYLA Lakelse 2012

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
The first weekend in July is always a great one at Lakelse Lake.  This year was no acception.  Youths from several different communities in our District came together to be part of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards experience.  Without question, they shone!  Our 2012 Rylarians were Jamie Marcial, Isaiah Fos, and Brittany Hawkins.  It was great to see them in action, part of different teams making RYLA banners, working together to build an outdoor armchair of wood, carry 5 gallon jugs of water so they had a feel of what it would it would have been like to do this as a child in Ethiopia where water was carried long distance each day so the village has water.  The camp ended up with a chance for everyone to try Dragon boating, certainly something you need to do as in sync.  Rotarians and Dragon Boaters from Kitimat helped out with this and a couple of us stayed for the most part of the weekend. 
Here we our with our Rylarians in front in blue, RYLA leader from Kitimat, Navjit Pannu, from our club Lyle McNish, Josh Callahan, Cheryl Rumley, Eleanor Kendell, Margaret Warcup and Lucy Zanardo.  Dragon boaters complete the picture.  See photo album for more pictures...

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Flying Peace Doves at Kitimat's July 1st Parade

Posted by Eleanor Kendell

With the help of our Rylarians and members of the MESS Glee Club, Rotary flew two Peace Doves in the July 1st Parade.  Everyone was in good spirits in spite of the rain.  It was great having friends cheer us on as we walked and also humorous to overhear the doves called BIG BIRDS and even parrots.  But there were many who called out Peace Doves.    A big thank you goes to Bonnie Rendell for making the frames for their heads, also to Lois Godfrey for her work sewing sheets together and drawing out a template.  Margaret Warcup and Eleanor Kendell had fun sewing or pinning their bodies and wings in place the day before the parade.  Robin Lapointe did the "Join us on September 21st" sign to mark the United Nations International Day of Peace.  There is a potential for having our doves in the Riverboat Days parade in Terrace.  Our Rotary pals there have expressed interest.

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2011-2012 Installation of officers

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
Another night for celebration! Our installation of officer for the upcoming year took place at the Kitimat Rod and Gun Club

Lesley Erasmus, our 2011-12 District 5040 Northwest Area Governor came from Terrace to present the pins to our incoming board members and lead them in the installation formal procedure.  And we are:


President – Bryan Salsbury

Secretary – Luci Leite Fossl

Treasurer – Lyle McNish

President Elect – Margaret Warcup

Past President – Eleanor Kendell

Director of Membership – Cheryl Rumley

Director of Club Service – Jo Ann Hildebrandt

Director of Administration – Lynda Rocha

Director of Foundation – Eleanor Kendell

Director of Public Relations – Josh Callahan


We were treated with pasta done by Lucy and her Mom, an indulgence that we always delight in, salads and deserts organized by Margaret with everyone pitching in to help with setup and takedown.  Credit goes to Luci and Gareen for taking care of all the many

details that went into the preparations that made this evening such a success.  It was delightful having Sara Weeres on hand to play the piano for us.  Then add to this the Curry in a Hurry dance that included Navjit and Harjit Pannu, what talent in our youth.  All three are Rylarians. Rotarians joined us from both Terrace clubs.  We also welcomed several guests from our community and friends.  It was our honor to have Mayor Joanne Monaghan in attendance. We wish the incoming executive every success as we move into our new Rotary year!

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Induction for our new member - Josh Callahan

Posted by Eleanor Kendell

June 28th saw many of us at Radley Park for a very special occasion, Josh Callahan’s induction into our club.  The ceremony was read by past presidents Robin Lapointe and Lucy Zanardo along with president Eleanor Kendell.  The words are meaningful, very much a reflection of Rotary, what it stands for, and a sincere welcome to Josh as he joins our ranks.  Of course, we enjoyed great food and a happy atmosphere.


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Going away gathering for Linda Lester

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
 When it comes to the perfect place for a relaxing, friendly atmosphere, there's nothing like a back yard BBQ.  Such was the case when we got together to wish Linda and Don all the best as they head off to their new home in Merritt.  Their stories make it sounds beautiful and we know it will be great for them to be close to family again.  Still it is with sadness that we bid our Rotarian Linda a fond fairwell.  She will certainly be missed.   
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Arts Festival Week - June 4 - 13, 2011

Posted by Eleanor Kendell

Dance and band students join with organizers of the Arts Festival WeekSparked by a request for help from our committee organizing the VMWChoir's visit, members of Kitimat Arts for Youth were inspired to think, why not see if we can have an Arts Festival?  From this, ideas flew via e-mail, meetings were held, and the organization began.  There would be a dance performance, MESS school play, music, performance. a display of drama costuming from On Cue, readings and more at the museum, A display of children's art work and also one for secondary school students, an opening reception, finishing off with an evening with the Naden Band.  Many thanks go to Bechtel and the District for their strong support.  This first ever happening was a fine success.  We look forward to a 2nd Arts Festival in 2012.

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Rotary Club of Kitimat Auction success

Posted by Eleanor Kendell

November 26th's Rotary Auction found many enthusiastic bidders out to our storefront location across from Big Jim's Spirit Store.  The bidding was energetic, particulary on popular items.  Margaret Warcup, chair for the auction says profits were around $10,000, a sum that will be used to support several ungoing initiatives in Kitimat.  Notable among these are scholarships for youths, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Kitimat Arts for Youth, the United Nations International Day of Peace, Rotary Peace Schools, and Museum in a Classroom.   We also support the Rotary Foundation, and have been part of  projects in Uganda, Mexico, Ethiopia and Haiti.  We recently sent a container to the Phillipines through the Rotary World Help Network.  The idea for the project to send dental equipment to the Phillipines came from Edwin and Doris Enpinado and was chaired by Rotarian Lynda Rocha. 

The members of our Rotary Club send sincere thanks to all the businesses and individuals who gave so generously with auction items and financial support.  It is this help that allows us to contribute to our community and the world beyond

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Visit of our Area Governor Penny Offer

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
As luck would have it, rain clouds appeared on Tuesday and with them a damper when it came to touring Kitimat.  In true Rotary fashion the negative was turned into a positive.  Margaret, Lynda and Eleanor joined Penny and Chris at the golf course for lunch.  Lynda and Eleanor then took Chris and Penny to see projects that our club has done, the Gazebos, Soccer concession, Rod and Gun kitchen, etc.  The meeting with our executive went well with everyone well prepared going in, then it was over to Eleanor's place for food and fellowship.  Penny gave us an inspiring message where she looked at Rotary as a garden with so many blooms in it, all very different, all adding their something to make the garden special.   We were challenged to continue to promote the excellence of our organization. 
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A promise kept

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
We were honored to have 3 unexpected visitors at our August 17th meeting, Stacey Brown, Sadish Kulkarni and his wilfe Savitri.   Sadish was president of his Rotary club in Bombay, India in 1988-1989 when our club sponsored Stacey Brown’s exchange to India.  Their story begins with a snapshot taken during that year, Sadish with shocking black hair and mustache, his wife “Sazsy” their two young daughters and a teenage Stacey.  A note from Stacey asked for a commitment--you will come to my wedding--and the answer was 'yes'.  Years passed and the word came to come to the wedding.  The story continued with the Kulkarni's being at the wedding celebration in Hazelton, paddling up the river in canoes and more. Stacey will always be close to her "Daddy".  This trip is the Kulkarni's second to Canada. 
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Our picnic in the park, July 27th

Posted by Eleanor Kendell

What great food! What great company! And excellent story telling.  Although our numbers were few on the 27th, I must say it was a fine time together.  Sincere thanks to Linda Lester for arranging the evening.  We were treated with chrysanthemum on the tables, delightful lime green and turquoise blue tableware—such a nice atmosphere.  Rylarians Ting Ya Guizzo and Maytel Runions joined us giving us a chance to catch up on their year away at university and plans for the future.  Don Lester and Doug Rumley were also out for the picnic.

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RYLA Lakelse

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
Without question, RYLA Lakelse shone in more ways than one. The youths were great, filled with energy, insight,and fun. Their teamwork shone! The sun shone! The water sparkled and with a little practice it wasn't long before Rylarian paddlers shone! Rob Eby, the Rotary Club of Prince Rupert, was its excellent organizer, assisted by Casda Thomas from the Rotary Club of Smithers and our own Kitimat Rylarian, Meghan Marshall. District 5040's District Governnor Penny Offer, along with RYLA South organizer Angi De Stefanis, were also on hand for RYLA. Look for their pictures in the photo album.
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Installation 2010/2011

Posted by Linda Halyk

New officers begin their year

Secretary Bonnie Spry, Foundation chair, Luci Leite Fossl, Club Administration Chair, Linda Lester, Membership Chair, Cheryl Rumley,Service Project Chair, Lucy Zanardo, President-elect, Margaret Warcup  and president, Eleanor Kendell--all for a one year slate, along with  Treasurer for two years slate Jo Ann Hildebrandt and showed their commitment to the Rotary Club of Kitimat when they took their oath of office.


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Pictures from the Prince Rupert Conference

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
The best of Eleanor's pictures taken at the "Catch a Rainbow" District Conference May13-16th are posted in the Photo Album. We sold four of our club's 4-Way Test prints at our booth.
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District Trainer speaks at our May 18th mtg.

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
Dean Rohrs took the time to visit with us in Kitimat for a couple of days after our District 5040 Conference in Prince Rupert. She shared thought provoking Powerpoint presentation that included statistics about our club and some forward thinking questioning about Rotary and where we think we will be fifteen years from now.
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Kitimat program for youths supported

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
President Jo Ann Hildebrandt presented Louise Avery and Huey Lin Guizzo with a check for $1000.00 on behalf of the Rotary Club of Kitimat at our May 11th meeting. Kitimat Arts for Youth is a program that supports all visual and performing arts in Kitimat.
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Youths leave for RYLA South

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
Thursday, April 22nd, saw Jake Bilash, Page Gould and Elyse Gairnder climbing on board the Hawkair flight to Vancouver, the first leg of their jouney to RYLA South. The students overnighted with Rotarians in Vancouver before heading to Camp Jubilee.
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Birdman Dennis Horwoood

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
Dennis shared some history about his hobby: an aged book describing each bird, then a newer large volume that followed, and moving into today an easy to carry book with colored drawings of birds and their habitat. We had the good fortune of seeing beautiful slides of birds, all of them taken in our region, mainly by Dennis.
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Peace Communities vote positive

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
The Council of Legislation ratified the vote for Resolution 10-71 regarding Rotary Peace Communities with a majority vote 405 in favor, 101 opposed. 506 representative voted.
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Council of Legislation Unofficial Voting Results

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
The daily voting results are being posted on the Rotary International website. Check them out - file tab MEMBERS then Policies and Procedures. Since the results will shape Rotary's future, and the voting results are interesting tied into the resolutions, they are are a worthwhile read. The Council is now in session through to Friday, April 30rd. District 5040's Past President, Chris Offer, is our representative. 531 Districts will be represented. The Council takes place in Chicago.
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"stringing" brings laughter and accompishment

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
Linda Lester, Margaret Warcup, Cheryl Rumley, Jo Ann Hildebrant and Eleanor Kendell have now completed 158 cranes from the 200 we need for our contribution to the District Convention. We've had a lot of fun doing this. Linda is SO creative. We hope these tiny "ambassadors of peace" will bring good memories to mind when fellow Rotarians hang them at home. in their window when they return home.
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Our Mexico Project

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
Margaret Warcup expects to be finishing off the paperwork and sending off the $2500.00US that will see our club's partnership with the Rotary Club of Juarez Integra FEED FOR LEARNING project becoming a reality. The project is to provide food supplies for voluteer parents to prepare 32,000 healthy means for 160 chidren for a full school year. According to the Juarez University's Social Work Department, the cildren of the Justo Sierra elementary school have difficulties to learn because of malnutrition. This project involved three countries, Mexico, Canada and the United States. Credit for intitiating this Matching Grant goes to our Past President, Gareen Ball.
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The Rotary Foundation Future Vision

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
Linda Lester, Jo Ann Hildebrant and Eleanor Kendell attended the Future Vision training on Sunday the 18th. With two people from our club having attended this workshop, our club is now eligible to move forward toward participation in this pilot. A Memorandum of Understanding will need to be signed by our 2010-2011 club president and club president-elect. Past District Governor Kevin Conway, who hails from Tsawwassen, facilitated this workshop. He chairs our District Rotary Foundation Grant's program (DRFC). Vice-chairman, Past District Governor, Art Erasmus, from Terrace has agreed to tell our club all about it at one of our upcoming meetings.
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GSE Team from District 3860

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
Hosting Melanie, Alvin and R.J. along with team leader Elvie, was certainly a privilege for our club. Their presentation at our April 20th meeting was informative, both for ourselves and our guests from Kitimat's Phillipine community. Sincere thanks go to Lynda Rocha and Lucy Zanardo for coordinating the schedule for this visit. Needless to say, the dessert sundaes after our meeting were a hit with everyone. The team left early Wednesday morning to travel by train to Prince George. We wish them well and look forward to seeing them again at our District 5040 Conference in Prince Rupert.
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District Assembly

Posted by Eleanor Kendell
Linda Lester, Jo Ann Hildebrant, Margaret Warcup and Eleanor Kendell attended our District 5040 District Assembly in Terrace on Saturday April 17th. They left with this key messaging, BIGGER, BETTER, BOLDER clubs. Clubs were encourage to think "outside the box" and try something new. The assembly was facilitated by our District Governor Elect Penny Offer, District Trainer, Dean Rohrs, and Mary Watson, Rotary Friendship Exchange Chair
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