August 24 was a big day for our Rotary Club!

Mathew Stephen, Jeff Wilken, Kevin Minaker. and Brian Wakita spent the morning moving giant rocks. 


 The guys from Wakita Construction Limited arrived at the site  at 9:30 with Brian already at the controls of an excavator.  Two rocks were there for us to see, stacked on top of one another, most impressive but too curvy for easy placement of the plaque.  Others were selected, moved into trial placement, and finally we were happy, this will look well.  Brian then loaded them onto a flat deck, guided by the guys.  We had picked two sitting rocks, one larger for adults, one smaller for children, the big rock and smaller rocks to support it.  Then down to Centennial Park to move them into place.  A second excavator, smaller than the first one, was used to move the rocks up over the lawn.  Protection material was laid before the tracks to offset any possible damage.  The process continued with the huge jaws of the machine able to hammer rocks into place.  Here is the end result.  Smiling faces of all the guys.  Rotarian Robin Lapointe orchestrated this exercise from Rotary's end, with Margaret Warcup, Brad Hildebrandt and Eleanor Kendell on hand to add their help where needed.

All of us in the Rotary Club of Kitimat send our sincere thanks to them.  What a great team!  This is a huge in-kind donations to the club and it is so appreciated!  Thank you Wakita Construction Limited.