Delta King Place's site coordinator Lucy Borges and board member Karen Klepsch were our guest speakers at our June 13th meeting.  Their mission: Supporting independence for seniors and people with disabilities in Kitimat.  The pair carried a vision with them!  The upgrade of the facility's kitchen.  The current kitchen is showing its age and falling short of code requirements for its use.  A proposal for financial support has arrived in Rotary's mailbox.  Preliminary quotes to complete this project are coming in around $60,000, the highest cost item in it is the upgrade to ventilation.  President Gareen explained Rotary's process for decision making for projects.  We will certainly get back to Lucy regarding Rotary support for their vision.  Rotarian Cheryl Rumley thanks Lucy and Karen for the valuable work they are doing in our community and for taking the time in their busy lives to present to us.