Each year the three Rotary clubs in our area join together to host an evening of fun and lively bidding to raise dollars for our Rotary Foundation.  The hosting of the event moves from club to club.  This year we kicked up heels to country music on the dance floor of the Skeena Valley Golf Course. 

A large crowd was on hand with a good many cow gals and guys dressed to the nines.  One fellow even carried his lasso and was set to ride, chaps and all.  Gerry Martin made the evening that much more fun as our auctioneer. 

 Zelda and Steve Kietzmann sat with Jo Ann, Bryan and I.  They are from South Africa, a place in this world that Jo had visited.  My there were stories to tell.  Steve was a youth exchange student with the Terrace Club some years back. 

Kudos to our club's president elect Bryan Salsbury for moving his body so well in the Macarena.  The appetizers served were EXCELLENT.   We expect the dollars generated from the auction should be quite high, all in aid of our Rotary Foundation.


We look forward to 2012 and another evening of memorable Rotary fellowship!