We actually had two presentation at our February 28th meeting.  The first was from two year old Elsie Sanghera.  When it comes to a birthday present for 'a child that has everything', Elsie's mom Devrie told us how her family talked it over and decided to make a donation to something she had learned about as a Rotarian.  There had been a presentation at a meeting by a fellow from Teck Resources, where Rotarians all learned the importance of zinc in children's diets.  Fact - 250 million deaths in children could be prevented with increased access to zinc.    Zinc strengthens the immune system and helps to fight dangerous infection.  Zinc is a life-saving treatment for diarrhea, which kills 600,000 children each year.  Devrie was moved as she learnt the story.  And so it was we saw young Elsie present a check for $350.00 to our president Gareen to support the work being done to distribute zinc to those children who need it.
The second was an update from our club's Eleanor Kendell, on the work that is going on by the members of our District 5040's Peace Committee.  PDG John Anderson chairs the committee, Gloria Staudt, Edwin Lee and Eleanor round out its numbers  Members of the committee will present at upcoming District Assemblies.  The one for our area is in Terrace at the School District office, on April 1st 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., the same day as Foundation Dinner.