The weather changed back to sunshine, perfect for our Installation of Officers for the 2019-2020 year at our President Robin Lapointe’s home.  On hand to do the honors at our installation were current Area Governor, Bill Parmar, Past Area Governor, Brian Downie and incoming Area Governor, Chad Sallenback.  It was a delightful evening filled with Rotary goodwill.  Robin even launched a drone that flew overhead taking pictures of all of us out on the lawn.  Steaks and chicken on the BBQ, salads, dessert, wine compliments of all of us.  Our best wishes go to Gareen Ball, president for Rotary Connects the World.  We will connect J.   Our thanks to Robin’s wife Melanie for taking photos.
Congrats to our Secretary/Treasurer  Jo Hildebrant, as she received her third sapphire pin from AG Bill Parmar , the recognition for her support of the Rotary Foundation.