Sept 21, 2010 dawned with clear blue skies, a delight for all of us who remember last year's rainy weather.  This year's making of our human peace sign was done in the Riverlodge parking lot.  The stage was large and beautifully decorated, we had hot chocolate for anyone who was interested, the music was perfect (as always) and the crowd of people all had smiles on their faces.  Our MLA, Robin Austin, was on hand to say a few words along with our Mayor Joanne Monaghan.  The success of Kitimat's marking of Peace Day goes far beyond Rotary: the Masons, Snowflake Seniors, Bandstra, Rio Tinto Alcan, our fire department, Riverlodge's staff, Kitimat Iron, T L & T Electric, Rylarians, MESS students, photographers Dwight Magee and Noel Gaucher, Shelley Jackson, Virginia Charron, and Monica Rigoni to name a few.  The highlight mentioned by many people was the releasing of the balloons to finish off the gathering, each one sending our message for Peace out to our community and further