Our 2010 Wines of the World evening 

The evening of Saturday, January 29th saw the Community Room at our Riverlodge Community Centre filled with some 180 happy wine tasters.  The atmosphere was upbeat and the room colorful. Wine tasters soon were laughing and sharing stories--how their palettes did (or did not) enjoy each of the wines that were showcased.  This year's wines were from Italy, Venezuala, Spain and South Africa.  Appetizers were plentiful and well received.  One again, the chocolate fountain was a hit.  Winners of the draws for the theme baskets and the quilt were thrilled to be taking them home.  All in all it was an excellent evening.  Proceeds for the evening have now been tallied.  We are pleased to be able to say they are excellent, a little higher that $2600.00  Sincere thanks to to all those who supported our clubs efforts with this fundraiser.