ImageOur club had a remarkable evening on the 18th when Deva and her husband Wayne joined us to tell the story of the Nightingale Declaration.   Particularly memorable were the real life stories of women dying in childbirth.  The following is a cut and paste from the Nightingale Declaration website.  Deva would value our support by adding our signatures to this declaration. 


Watch the ‘Daring, Caring & Sharing’ Global Launch >>

NIGH's 2013 - 2015 Global Campaign to celebrate and share solutions to the high rates of maternal death still happening around the world.Image

Wayne is the Director of Global Communications, Nightingale Initiative for Global Health (NIGH).  As one listened to his and Deva's stories one appreciated there are world travelers having worked in many, many countries of the world.  Their experience is vast.  The following is also a cut and paste from NIGH's website regarding Wayne.  Tapping this background, he is the primary architect of NIGH’s grassroots-to-global Signature Campaign and the related proposed United Nations General Assembly Resolutions, the 2010 International Year of the Nurse and the 2010-2020 UN Decade for a Healthy World. Wayne Kines is co-founder of the World Media Institute (WMI), a network and fellowship of professional communicators devoted to the emergence of global citizenship and has also organized world media seminars on health, heritage, rural development, human settlements, and water and ocean pollution.

Our club was privileged to have them visit us.