SEPTEMBER 21, 2011

Awakening to heavy rains, the day did not look promising!  And the rain continued on.  Good news came mid afternoon when the fellows were setting up the trailer.  The tents went up, rain now reduced to a steady drizzle, with small glitches addressed by the boys taking care of the stage.  A couple of hours later the stage was ready for our musicians to take over.

The Sikh Temple fellows arrived with their delicious samosa and more, and soon the Filipino ladies were on hand with their kabobs.  Families started arriving for food and the good feeling of Peace Day began  The Peace Doves mini parade started off promptly at 6:45 .  The doves were 'carried by Girl Guides and their leaders.  What a joy it was to follow the Spirit of the Kitlope Dancers as they led us in our parade around Riverlodge.  Where drumming motivates!  When we arrived at the stage, the music was playing.  John, Nadia and Susie were out again this year.  Mayor Monaghan was on hand to give thoughts from the United Nations president and also wishes for peace that come from our community.  Our Rotary Rylarians (youths who  have attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards camps) read the meanings behind the letters of PEACE and also the 4Rs of the Rotary Peace Credo.  Then we heard from our Rotary president, Bryan Salsbury.  Bryan talked about our international theme for this year, Reach Within to Embrace Humanity and its fit with our Kitimat Club's vision to make Kitimat a Rotary Peace Community. 

 And there were balloons galore again this year.  Many smiles on the faces of young and old alike.  After picking up our balloons from our Rylarians, we moved across the parking lot to where the human peace sign markings had been laid out on the ground by the fellows from the Masons.  They moved us into position, we listened for the word from photographer, Dwight Magee up in the bucket truck, and soon the word went out, three, two, one, go.  Such a sight to see them fly up so quickly. And our firemen were out again this year to cheer us on!  

When all was done, we passed our handshakes or hugs for peace.  And the wish went out - MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH. 

For more photos of Peace Day please view our photo album.