Kitimat people joined with millions of other people around the world to


This is our 5th year to mark the United Nations International Day of Peace with the making of a HUMAN PEACE SIGN


September 21st, 2013 dawned with gloomy clouds and a significant amount of rain.  Not to be discouraged by this, Robin Lapointe and his wife Melanie, braved the storm along with their two beautiful golden retrievers to mark the circle and lines on the pavement in back of the theatre for our Kitimat Human Peace Sign.  While they were busy outside, Jo Hildebrandt, Linda Campbell and Eleanor Kendell setup the displays inside that showcased past Peace Days and our Rotary Peace Schools.  Dan Huisman arrived at 10:00 to set up the Shelter Box:  Jo was his Number One helper.  Peace cranes and peace signs were hung in the cafeteria with a great deal of help from Dan, who is tall, and the Mount Elizabeth Theatre tech teens.  Much credit and thanks go to Susie Smeader who took care of everything tied into food preparation.  She also conducted the youth choir and brought the band for Peace Day.

 Shortly after 1l:00, the Salvation Army’s mobile kitchen arrived on the scene.  Culinary students from Northwest Community College cooked up a storm of Beef on a Bun ready for lunchtime at noon.  Brian Downie, from the Rotary Club of Terrace, arranged their coming, a nice addition for this year’s Peace Day.  People mingled in the cafeteria and talked with Dan about Shelter Box  over the lunch hour then moved into the theatre for the program. Girl guides starting things off with a mini parade of nations flags.   It was a delight to see the Portuguese children dance, the Spirit of the Kitlope dancers, and the Kitimat Dance Academy’s dancers.  The youth choir brought us peace songs as did the band.  We heard from Mayor Monaghan, Shelley Bolton, Brian Downie and Dan Huisman.  As it our tradition, we finished off the program with the singing of Let there be Peace on Earth.  The giant peace dove puppets,  flag bearers, spirit of the Kitlope dancers, led us outside into blowy, stormy weather, to make the peace sign.  Much credit goes to Dwight Magee our photographer for climbing the fire department truck’s ladder to get the peace sign shot. 

Everyone was happy to head inside to the cafeteria to enjoy hot chocolate or coffee and a piece of the huge Peace Cakes.  The Luso Ladies served the cake for all of us.  This certainly was a great way to warm up and to share good stories with friends and strangers alike. 

May Peace Prevail On Earth.

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