This kitchen is seasoned with love
(The words above the pass through into the kitchen)
Monica Gonzalez, cook at Delta King Place,  will soon be able to enjoy air conditioning in the newly renovated Delta King Kitchen. Without question, we know what a difference this is going to make when it comes to summer heat! It's easy to see how delighted and proud she is as she works in her new surroundings.   We feel good about this and know the staff at Delta King and all of its other residents do too.  This project was a 'fit' for Rotary, something we could support that mattered here in Kitimat. For us to pull of what we wanted to do we asked for help.  Delta King staff members came out to give us a hand at our Annual Online Rotary Auction, and we did something we have never done before, all the proceeds from it were to go to Delta King.  We will be presenting our check for $20,000 to the Delta King Place Housing Society on Friday, August 3 , sometime between 11.00 a.m. and 1 p.m., at the Annual Barbeque fundraiser hosted by Skeena MP Nathan Cullen.  Do come out,  and cheer on Gareen Ball, our check presenter.  Just $5 for a hot dog or burger, pop and bag of chips.
Rotarians Gareen and Linda, along with a few others, heard the story first hand from the "shining light" manager at Delta King, Lucy Borges.  So much has been done. New cupboards and countertops, a walk-in storage area for food, new paint and back splash.  Two large commercial range hoods were purchase and installed.  As you can see in the photo with Monica (above), everything sparkling new.  If they stretch far enough our funds will also see a large glass door cooler installed.
And Lucy showed Linda and Gareen the plaque up on the wall, a celebration and recognition for all the organizations in town that contributed to making this dream come true.
Here we have Rotarians Eleanor and Jo chatting with Dorothy, Larry, Laurie and his wife Eleanor.  The conversation was interesting, how long they had been in our town, where they had been before this, tidbits about their lives before Delta King, even a tour by Dorothy to see the facilities offered in their home. 
Cheryl, Jo, Linda, and Gareen, chatted with a gal we all know well, Monica Gonzalez.  We see her scooting around town, always a bright smile on her face.  Lucy joined in and the time flew by all too quickly.  When we asked about the kitchen now the renovations were virtually finished, she answered, ""Food is very important part of the service that we provide to our residents, and we are proud to provide in-home cooked meals.  We stand firm as a Society that in home cooking is important.  It is what we would expect for our loved ones in assisted living."
Our thanks to Rotarian Robin for taking the photos you see.  They tell a story worth telling!