Another sunny day on September 21st 2016. the United Nations International Day of Peace!  The children at Kildala Elementary along with their teachers and principal Janelle Hittel celebrated peace with stories, poems and finally dance for peace at their afternoon assembly. 

Children waved Pinwheels for Peace, Peace doves, rainbows for peace made by the students themselves.  To finish off the afternoon, students gathered around their Peace Pole for this photo taken by the editor of our community's paper The Northern Sentinel, Devyn Ens.  You can see the top of the pole to the right in this picture, students on both sides.  Kildala Elementary is our club's first Rotary Peace School.  Credit goes to Janelle for keeping up the Peace One Day vision with her students and bringing joy to all of us who were able to be out to watch.  Thanks also goes to Dance Kitimat for teaching the students their peace dance.