FLASH NEWS At the Presidential Environmental Sustainability and Peace Conference
Loud applause from the audience on Friday evening – 800+ of us!   
From this year’s Rotary Foundation District Designated Funds, our District 5040 have allocated a $25,000 US donation to support the Peace Centers.
Although we don’t often think about it, that’s your club and the club  beside you.  It’s our investment in Peace.
On February 9th,  our Rotary Foundation Chair Paul Netzel, presented a certificate to our DG Don marking District 5040 as a Rotary Peacebuilder District.
And there is more news to celebrate!
Coming out of the Conference, a legacy.
The opportunity was presented by Rotary International at a different breakout session, a new an exciting approach to building peace in a region where a major peace agreement has recently been reached.  After a war of 52 years, the Government of Columbia and the Marxist let Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia reached the understanding in 2016.
The challenge now is building a lasting sustainable peace.
We are taking action, from the lower mainland up to coast to those of us in northern BC Rotarians are taking action by investing $15.000US of unused DDF funds in a new and exciting project – Positive Peace Workshop – Columbia. 
A new approach to building peace.-  Positive Peace workshops were developed by Rotary and the Institute for Economics and Peace. 
Rotarians will help shape the Colombian peace process by leveraging its networks and engaging key stakeholders, especially young Colombian peacmakers.