Be the Inspiration is a perfect fit for our DG Darcy Long.  Her enthusiasm inspires us!  She covered a wide range of everything we have in Rotary, mentioning more than once our using the yearly Presidential Citation as a goal in our Rotary Clubs.  Our President Robin jotted down the topics covered.  Here they are friends: 
1. Rotary Vision Statement 
2.  Firesides
3. Core Values
4. Fellowship and Service
5. Foundation
        * PolioPlus
        * Annual giving
        * Matching grants
        * Global matching grants for International projects
        * Endowment Fund - World fund, Share, Rotary Peace Centre
6. Past District Governor Don Evan’s offer to come to Kitimat this Fall to help us prepare a Strategic Plan - we should book a date as soon as we can. 
7. Things we can do to improve our Public Image
8. Ideas for Fundraising
9. Peace and Conflict 
An impressive list.  Darcy is a strong supporter of our Rotary Club of Kitimat (and all other clubs in 5040 for that matter.yes smiley).  Much Rotary love goes your way from us Darcy.