What an enjoyable time!  In fact so much fun for everyone that our picture taking p.r. gal completely forgot to take pictures!.  Cheryl poured the champagne and orange juice or just plain juice for all of us,  The coffee was also on, then stratas, fruit salad with yogurt, home made muffins and more.  Games followed, Maryanne ending up with the pass the parcel teddy bear.   Her immediate Random Act of Kindness was giving it to Jon's delighted son.  Seeing his bear hugs and delight is a memory to cherish. 
Then it was putting on our thinking caps for answers - a Christmas Trivia Game, Michelle outshone us all with a high score total for most answers given.  The highlight of the day, was the installation of our new members.  Gareen read their inductions.  We are honored to now have Jonathan Borgens (pinned by Cheryl Rumley) Maryanne Ouellet, pinned by Jo Hildebrandt, and Meghan Marshall, pinned by Eleanor Kendell - part of our team.  No better way to finish off our coming together than the 'backwards' draw for the bottles of wine that we all brought if we wanted to be involved.  Jonathan ended carrying "the stash"home.  Kudos to everyone for a spread to be proud of!  Merry Christmas