Rotary Connections continued on November 20th with many guests joining us for the evening to hear our guest speaker, Ruth Sulentich.  Ruth is the senior consultation and community advisor for LNG Canada.  She gave us an excellent overview of the project, the work that is now moving ahead, housing for employees, when to expect to see the plant visibly on site.  Fluor Corporation is joint venturing with LNG Canada to handle, engineering, procurement and construction.  We have since learned LNG Canada and Fluor have established an information centre at the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce. Without question, there was a cheer from all of us when we heard on November 2nd, the project is a go!  Our thanks go to Ruth for an excellent presentation and her offer to keep us up to date whenever we may wish her to do so.
We finished off the evening by asking guests to share some questions passed out to us by Cheryl.  Answers certainly enlightened us about others at our tables AND what fun telling stories.  Guests were also asked to fill in the blanks answers to a few questions for Rotary Connections 2.