The children at Kildala Elementary celebrated their achievement as our community's first peace school on June 21st.  Members of our Kitimat council were on hand for the occasion as well as representatives from our club.  Students gathered in front of the Peace Pole, one class holding Pinwheels for Peace, to mark this happy occasion.  The pole was imprinted by Nicholas Sluyter, Mount Elizabeth Secondary School's woodworking teacher and donated by Orlando and Luiza Couto.  Each student was given a peace bracelet with the words "Give Peace A Chance" imprinted on it.   Thanks to a District of Kitimat Grant, the students enjoyed a visit to our pool the following day, an well deserved treat for this fine students.  Our Rotary Club would like to recognize Agnes Casgrain, school principal, along with her staff, for their outstanding efforts for peace in their school.  The school was also presented with a plaque that will be held in the school to mark their accomplishment.

Linda Campbell chaired  our Rotary committee for this.  The pole is beautiful.