With an exciting opportunity coming her way, Janelle Hittel accepted the help of a visitor to our community, Valerie Christiansen, a performing arts professional.  As principal of Kildala, Janelle was delighted to see the children in her school learning the art of theatre as they spent the time available before September 15th learning their parts, where to be on stage and how to act for the 'production' The Little Prince.
The story is told of The Little Prince, the aviator, the desert, hot and dry, how wonderful it was to have water, the prince's single rose, the only one in his world, the prince's voyages through space, the people met along the way, those met on earth, the many rose on earth all with thorns, the same as his rose had. 
To know how the story continues and ends, read Antoine de Sainte-Exupery's The Little Prince.
The children performed in both English and French.  It was a delightful hour spent watching and listening to them and what a large audience!  Many parents were out to support their children enjoying the afternoon. 
The performance finished off with a song sung by a mini choir, all students singing with perfect pitch!
Kildala Elementary is our first Rotary Peace School in Kitimat.
Thank you Kildala for inviting our Rotary Club of Kitimat to your lovely presentation of this play!