Brilliant sunshine outside, a perfect setting for the good news story told by Doug Thomson, Kitimat Valley Housing Society's spokesman, as plans progress for the Dementia and Alzheimer's Care facility. 
  Rotarian Maryann Ouellet introduced Doug, Rotarian Meghan Marshall presented our thanks.
One could say the vision here is state of the art, with every aspect considered when looking at the challenges that residents will be facing.  The model is a 'circular one' with no end of corridor walls to confuse, exterior walls built wide to improve energy efficiency, open kitchen areas for residents to make their own cup of tea, and specific training using a relatively new method for caregivers geared to allowing residents the means to use their own initiatives.  Watching and listening to Doug's presentation, one could not help but think, what a well thought out initiative.  Well done to KVHS.
We were also joined by Terrace Rotarian Brian Downie who gave us an update for the weekend of Foundation Dinner, starting the day with  the Year Ahead workshop and Foundation Grant the next day.