Edwin Empinado shared his experiences during his visit home to the Phillipines where he met with Rotarians from his country who coordinated the containers move at their end.  Highlights in his photos were the children with the computers in the makeshift classroom; the smiling faces of so many Pilipino people with many different items that they would be putting to good use in hospitals, schools and more.  Remarkable also was the photo of the area filled with items that actually went into the container.  It was good to hear how the Rotary World Help Network (RWHN) took care of this inventory.  Edwin was certainly impressed.   Finally there were the huge banners for RWHN and our Rotary Club of Kitimat there for all to see.



Sincere thanks go to Edwin and Doris for bringing this to us via Rotarian Lynda Rocha; to Dr. Stevenson for donating the dental equipment that started this all off, to St. Anthony’s for sending along the desks and RWHN for filling the container to the brim with hospital beds, wheelchairs and more.  As Edwin explained the goods from Kitimat filled about ¼ of the container.