In 2008, the Rotary Club of Kitimat partnered with the Rotary Club of Whistler and the Rotary Club of Muyenga, Uganda to create a BC Pine Forest, planting 83 acres of pine trees with the goal to provide logs to a local sawmill in the community of Mpambire, Uganda.  Eight years, 3 International  Rotary Districts, 11 Rotary clubs and 3 Rotary Global Grants later, this initial project has grown to provide improved agricultural methods and access to water, created farmer’s cooperatives, provided resource for local schools, funds to start an egg and chicken facility and catering organization, bee keeping facility, greenhouses and water tanks in addition to sending to young local orphan girls to a 2 year nursing program along with providing computer software, sanitary napkins so that girls can remain in school, pit latrines for seniors and agriculture and sanitation training.  This is Rotary in action!