Hearing our guest speaker, George Melo, tell his story at our meeting on October 24th was a memorable happening.  George is a  polio survivor.  At his young age of 1½, George’s parents learned the grim news.  It was summertime, the time of the year when the people in his home town in Portugal’s fears always grew, the season when polio struck.  George lost the feeling in his side, couldn’t walk and needed care every day.  He told of his sister’s loving hands, how for weeks on end she would massage his leg and side, and how suddenly, there was feeling and with it great joy.  The heeling path was a long one, and he was left with ‘scars’, a skinny deformed leg.  He was and is strong in spirit.  His family has shown great love to him something he is grateful for to this day.  George took us through his younger days at school, unkindness, little understanding, teenage years, right to his days today.  He now comes close to being called a senior.  George loves music, karaoke is a passion.  What a privilege it was for us to hear his story.  All of us say thank you George!