We were honored to have 3 unexpected visitors at our August 17th meeting, Stacey Brown, Sadish Kulkarni and his wilfe Savitri.   Sadish was president of his Rotary club in Bombay, India in 1988-1989 when our club sponsored Stacey Brown’s exchange to India.  Their story begins with a snapshot taken during that year, Sadish with shocking black hair and mustache, his wife “Sazsy” their two young daughters and a teenage Stacey.  A note from Stacey asked for a commitment--you will come to my wedding--and the answer was 'yes'.  Years passed and the word came to come to the wedding.  The story continued with the Kulkarni's being at the wedding celebration in Hazelton, paddling up the river in canoes and more. Stacey will always be close to her "Daddy".  This trip is the Kulkarni's second to Canada.