What's the case today?  You're a teen thinking -- what to do when I'm finished high school?  The old message was that trades were the place to go if you were not smart enough to move on to university.  Not so today!  Geoff shared a few of the programs offered by the trade school -- dual credit programs, the Adult Dogwood program and an introduction to trades Middle School Program where middle school students are exposed to the trades during a three week trades course.  Geoff's colleague, Doug Brewer, then shared a program that he created (with one of the saw horse in hand) for students as young as Grade 4.  With local business donations and discounts on hardware for Terrace Home Hardware, he teaches students to build saw horses with the purpose of selling them for $30 a pair and then donating 20 percent of the proceeds to a local charity.  The remaining funds go back to the school clubs.  Hands on quickly sparked enthusiasm from the students, he noted. He saw this as a 'permanent' learning experience.
As a listener, we can certainly say, we are fortunate to have these two highly qualified, committed fellows instructing at the Northwest Trades And Employment Training Centre!