Our meeting on Tuesday, October 11th proved to be particularly informative.  Our community's planners, Gwen and Ryan, presented us with drawings and precise information on a proposed redesign for Wakashan Avenue.  The plan includes widening of the street itself, curb and gutters on both sides of the street, some parallel parking, a change in position for the crosswalk allowing a more effective link between the library and its opposite side of the street.  New lighting  is also part of this first stage of development. Estimated cost is $3 million. 
We also learned about the area of land where the Christmas tree has been planted that replaces the old one (removed as part of the construction tied into Haisla Court).  This area was designated as District land tied into the agreement with the Haisla.  In this section of land, there is an area on the plans for a central circular court with a bandstand.  The area would hold approximately 300 people+.