It’s a tradition!   Every year our Rotary District 5040’s District Governor travels our area visiting the 51 clubs that are included.  This covers a significant distance, north to Mackenzie, Bowen Island in the south, Prince Rupert and ourselves in the west. 100 Mile in the east (an attempt to ‘pick’ smaller communities).  It was with pleasure that we hosted DG Darcy Long and her husband Doug at a BBQ on August 28th.
Their hometown is in Sechelt, population similar to ours 10,000 people.  Darcy shared their story, one built on random acts of kindness.  Why Rotary?  They saw the devastation after the tsunami hit Thailand.  What could they do to help? There was a huge sign, six Rotary Clubs of Phuket working together to rebuild the local fishing fleet.  A fleet meant small boats, rather like dugout canoes.   From this a door opened, the way to help was answered.   Rotary helps.
Be the inspiration is this year’s Rotary theme.  Darcy is an inspiration.  We’ve been invited to be at Sun Peaks for this year’s convention, to continue our efforts with Polio Plus, and encouraged in our efforts to grow Rotary in our hometown.
Many thanks go to Robin’s wife Melanie, our hostess for the evening.  Everyone pitched in to make the evening special but the big credit goes to her for such a nice evening.  The setup on the deck was so inviting!  We were joined by guests, like-minded people who have done and continue to do good in our world.  Particularly delightful were the children, Jonathon and Melissa's, having fun in the play area that Robin and Melanie have for their granddaughter Elsie.
Darcy says she has been inspired making these visits.  She will be taking many things to do ideas back to Sechelt to try.
Here are a few more snapshots, just for the fun of it...