What a beautiful day to have Hans visiting our community!  August the 9th was spectacular!  Hans had an opportunity to see a little bit of our community and the different projects that our club has done.  Hans was taken out at Hospital Beach Park, a spot where our club has held picnics.    We moved on to the Rotary Gazebo in Centennial Park.  During the summer the two gazebos were painted by youths from a group called SHARE, a project coordinated by the Baptist Church.  The youths were a happy lot to work with and certainly dedicated to sharing. 

We gathered at Robin Lapointe's home for a barbeque, and yes we had fresh caught salmon on the grill.  Our Area Governor Lesley Erasmus along with her husband Art joined us from Terrace.  Hans shared some humorous stories and certainly an inspiring message.  Memorable was a Rotary challenge, one we all are aware of, the Bill Gates initative and what Rotarians are doing to match it.  Hans also encourage to not be afraid of change, essentially to consider anything and everything that will advance our organization, its membership and its value to everyone.  We were credited for all the work we have done as a club and told his 'door is open any time'.  All we have to do is 'knock'.

The evening was brightened with a visit from young Lucca, Rotarian Lucy Zanardo's new son.   Not surprisingly, his visit caught everyone's attention. 

Thanks go to all Rotarians for bringing along delicious salads, desserts and appetizers.