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Rylarians - Lakelse  left to right - Ethan Amos, Nolan Striker, Iris Striker and Isabelle Moretti.


September 26th was a special evening for Rotarians.  Our newest Rylarians brought their energy, enthusiasm and stories about their long weekend at Ryla Lakelse.  

With an exciting opportunity coming her way, Janelle Hittel accepted the help of a visitor to our community, Valerie Christiansen, a performing arts professional.  As principal of Kildala, Janelle was delighted to see the children in her school learning the art of theatre as they spent the time available before September 15th learning their parts, where to be on stage and how to act for the 'production' The Little Prince.
The story is told of The Little Prince, the aviator, the desert, hot and dry, how wonderful it was to have water, the prince's single rose, the only one in his world, the prince's voyages through space, the people met along the way, those met on earth, the many rose on earth all with thorns, the same as his rose had. 
To know how the story continues and ends, read Antoine de Sainte-Exupery's The Little Prince.
The children performed in both English and French.  It was a delightful hour spent watching and listening to them and what a large audience!  Many parents were out to support their children enjoying the afternoon. 
The performance finished off with a song sung by a mini choir, all students singing with perfect pitch!
Kildala Elementary is our first Rotary Peace School in Kitimat.
Thank you Kildala for inviting our Rotary Club of Kitimat to your lovely presentation of this play!
A few brave Kitimat Rotarians put on their boots, rolled up their sleeves and joined in the fun on a particularly stormy day to recognized Rivers.
Day.  Much credit goes to those who came out - Gareen, Cheryl and Doug, Sarah and Linda.  They were joined by the McLeods, buckets in hand and, kudos, high spirits.


It’s always a special evening when a District Governor comes to visit.  Tuesday was no exception.  Don Evans and his wife Deb brought the sunshine with them along with their smiling faces.  An added plus was seeing PDG Art Erasmus and our AG Brian Downie joining us from Terrace.  Don shared his energy and Rotary understanding as he addressed our club with Good News from R.I. and our District 5040 team.  Membership growth worldwide in Rotary is looking a little better particularly in India.  Polio statistics for the number of reported cases continue to look promising.  Rotary persists in its work toward zero cases, add to this another 3 years – to be able to say ours is a polio free world.  Another piece of good news, RLI – our Rotary Leadership Institute.  Several hands went up when Don asked about it, those who had taken courses?  Come 2018, RLI webinars will be offered!  We talked about diversity for club meetings, looking for suggested examples, shared member burnout with Don, talked about the pros and cons with record keeping, attendance, makeups etc. The district’s newly formed Peace Committee, its role in 5040 and the overall RI vision for Promoting Peace, were shared along with the two conferences coming up on 2018, both highlighting peace.  Deb took good care of us by handing out this year’s theme pin to everyone and material for the conferences and Rotary itself.

After the meeting, Marianne, Art, Brian, Deb, Don and Eleanor did a mini tour of the different projects completed by our club here in Kitimat.  See photos.  A big thank you to Don and Deb!  We appreciated seeing you!

What a pleasure it was on the sunny days when club members were able to sit out on the deck and enjoy the sunshine.  If you were facing the right way, you would have caught glimpses of golfers sinking their puts at the hole in this picture. 
One recent meeting saw us inside to escape the rain pouring outside.  The main conversation was our upcoming auction at the end of November, how we might use the meeting change opportunities in our club, and the visit coming up of our 5040 Governor, Don Evans and wife Deb.
Another great time enjoyed by this year's Rylarians out at the farm in Thornhill.  This picture is of the super leaders.  You'll recognize Chelsea, 2nd on the left, from her picture in the story below.  Marianna Hammerstrom travelled from Squamish to chair RYLA.
From our club, Eleanor headed over on Thursday late afternoon to share Promoting Peace.  She is delighted to report the youths 'stepped up to the plate' answering questions and sharing their own thoughts on Peace.
Our president Gareen Ball had the pleasure of presenting the Lynda Rocha Hammerstrom Scholarship to Chelsea Pacheco - Chelsea volunteered her help as a youth leader at last year's RYLA Lakelse and will do so again this year -  and the Rotary Club of Kitimat Scholarship to Ethan Mourgas - Ethan's grandfather is a former Rotarian of our club and a Paul Harris Fellow.
Delta King Place's site coordinator Lucy Borges and board member Karen Klepsch were our guest speakers at our June 13th meeting.  Their mission: Supporting independence for seniors and people with disabilities in Kitimat.  The pair carried a vision with them!  The upgrade of the facility's kitchen.  The current kitchen is showing its age and falling short of code requirements for its use.  A proposal for financial support has arrived in Rotary's mailbox.  Preliminary quotes to complete this project are coming in around $60,000, the highest cost item in it is the upgrade to ventilation.  President Gareen explained Rotary's process for decision making for projects.  We will certainly get back to Lucy regarding Rotary support for their vision.  Rotarian Cheryl Rumley thanks Lucy and Karen for the valuable work they are doing in our community and for taking the time in their busy lives to present to us.
Here we are with our Area Governor Brian Downie downstairs at the Chamber of Commerce to celebrate our year past and look forward to 2017-18. Brian officiated at our installation ceremony.
Sincere thanks went to our president, Gareen Ball, for her year in review.  There were many smiles in the room as she jogged our memories.  A Paul Harris award was presented to Tina Watchorn, a woman well known in Kitimat for her commitment to working with youths and adults who wish to hone their speech arts talents and showcase them in theatre and speech contests.  It was Gareen's pleasure to present the Rotarian of the Year Award to Jo Ann Hildebrandt.  Jo went the extra mile this year for our club carrying two roles secretary and treasure--and did them both to perfection.  We all know her commitment to children of this world and her "Polio Plus" work.  She has travelled to Ethiopia to administer the vaccine and is looking forward to another trip in the year future.  Our congratulations go to Jo, a most deserving recipient.  Jo was given a painting done by Tom Campbell, Rotarian Linda Campbell's husband, a child receiving the polio vaccine.
The evening ended with words from soon to be president Marianne Hemmy.  She shared some inspiring words and her promised energy to move our club forward this year. We all look forward to Making a Difference our 2017-18 Rotary theme.
May 16th was a special evening!  We heard Kaitlin Ferreira, Brodie Chartrand and  Delaney Ribeiro tell their RYLA South stories.  The teens 'bubbled over' with enthusiasm.  What a cheer for RYLA.  Cheryl Rumley, chair of our RYLA committee, presented them with their RYLA certificates. 
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