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November 25, 2017
Rotarians have been busy on the phone making calls to the businesses who make our auction successful.  Their donations are excellent, not just for Rotarians but also for every person who signs up to be a bidder and see how well you do!
Here's your chance to see the many excellent items going up for bid thanks to the generous support that Rotary has received from businesses in Kitimat and Terrace plus a few from further away.
They are now in the windows at Skeena's MLA Ellis Ross's Kitimat office (the old Wings Travel location).  Here's a couple of snapshots to spark your interest!
 It was snowy a winter day on November 11th. 
We bundled up, took along our umbrellas, and joined many, many other Kitimat people to pay our respects around the cenotaph in Centennial Park.  Friends from the Royal Canadian Legion greeted us as we arrived.  Soon we saw the colour party heading towards us, veterans, search and rescue members, the Girls Guides, Sparks, Boy Scouts, Beavers, marching in unison to take their places by the cenotaph.  The familiar lone bugler played, The Last Post and The Rouse
Wreaths were then placed on all four sides of the cenotaph by representatives of businesses and organizations in our community.  Rotary's president Marianne Hemmy placed our wreath for us.   After the ceremony the color parade marched the two blocks down to the Legion to join with others in the warm hall where Legion members opened the doors to everyone.

Hearing our guest speaker, George Melo, tell his story at our meeting on October 24th was a memorable happening.  George is a  polio survivor.  At his young age of 1½, George’s parents learned the grim news.  It was summertime, the time of the year when the people in his home town in Portugal’s fears always grew, the season when polio struck.  George lost the feeling in his side, couldn’t walk and needed care every day.  He told of his sister’s loving hands, how for weeks on end she would massage his leg and side, and how suddenly, there was feeling and with it great joy.  The heeling path was a long one, and he was left with ‘scars’, a skinny deformed leg.  He was and is strong in spirit.  His family has shown great love to him something he is grateful for to this day.  George took us through his younger days at school, unkindness, little understanding, teenage years, right to his days today.  He now comes close to being called a senior.  George loves music, karaoke is a passion.  What a privilege it was for us to hear his story.  All of us say thank you George!

Always an ambassador for Rotary's End Polio Now's vision, our fellow Rotarian Jo Ann Hildebrandt put together a display and marked the day with a cake for all of us to enjoy.  Jo has made the trip to Ethiopia to administer the oral polio vaccine.  Listening to her tell the story, how mothers bring their children for their  "2 drops of vaccine", how there are no words to describe how happy they are when they know there child is protected against polio.  We always have a jar on the table so we can send off the dollars collected to the Rotary Foundation's polio fund.  World Polio Day is a yearly event held on October 24th.

Rylarians - Lakelse  left to right - Ethan Amos, Nolan Striker, Iris Striker and Isabelle Moretti.


September 26th was a special evening for Rotarians.  Our newest Rylarians brought their energy, enthusiasm and stories about their long weekend at Ryla Lakelse.  

With an exciting opportunity coming her way, Janelle Hittel accepted the help of a visitor to our community, Valerie Christiansen, a performing arts professional.  As principal of Kildala, Janelle was delighted to see the children in her school learning the art of theatre as they spent the time available before September 15th learning their parts, where to be on stage and how to act for the 'production' The Little Prince.
The story is told of The Little Prince, the aviator, the desert, hot and dry, how wonderful it was to have water, the prince's single rose, the only one in his world, the prince's voyages through space, the people met along the way, those met on earth, the many rose on earth all with thorns, the same as his rose had. 
To know how the story continues and ends, read Antoine de Sainte-Exupery's The Little Prince.
The children performed in both English and French.  It was a delightful hour spent watching and listening to them and what a large audience!  Many parents were out to support their children enjoying the afternoon. 
The performance finished off with a song sung by a mini choir, all students singing with perfect pitch!
Kildala Elementary is our first Rotary Peace School in Kitimat.
Thank you Kildala for inviting our Rotary Club of Kitimat to your lovely presentation of this play!
A few brave Kitimat Rotarians put on their boots, rolled up their sleeves and joined in the fun on a particularly stormy day to recognized Rivers.
Day.  Much credit goes to those who came out - Gareen, Cheryl and Doug, Sarah and Linda.  They were joined by the McLeods, buckets in hand and, kudos, high spirits.


It’s always a special evening when a District Governor comes to visit.  Tuesday was no exception.  Don Evans and his wife Deb brought the sunshine with them along with their smiling faces.  An added plus was seeing PDG Art Erasmus and our AG Brian Downie joining us from Terrace.  Don shared his energy and Rotary understanding as he addressed our club with Good News from R.I. and our District 5040 team.  Membership growth worldwide in Rotary is looking a little better particularly in India.  Polio statistics for the number of reported cases continue to look promising.  Rotary persists in its work toward zero cases, add to this another 3 years – to be able to say ours is a polio free world.  Another piece of good news, RLI – our Rotary Leadership Institute.  Several hands went up when Don asked about it, those who had taken courses?  Come 2018, RLI webinars will be offered!  We talked about diversity for club meetings, looking for suggested examples, shared member burnout with Don, talked about the pros and cons with record keeping, attendance, makeups etc. The district’s newly formed Peace Committee, its role in 5040 and the overall RI vision for Promoting Peace, were shared along with the two conferences coming up on 2018, both highlighting peace.  Deb took good care of us by handing out this year’s theme pin to everyone and material for the conferences and Rotary itself.

After the meeting, Marianne, Art, Brian, Deb, Don and Eleanor did a mini tour of the different projects completed by our club here in Kitimat.  See photos.  A big thank you to Don and Deb!  We appreciated seeing you!

What a pleasure it was on the sunny days when club members were able to sit out on the deck and enjoy the sunshine.  If you were facing the right way, you would have caught glimpses of golfers sinking their puts at the hole in this picture. 
One recent meeting saw us inside to escape the rain pouring outside.  The main conversation was our upcoming auction at the end of November, how we might use the meeting change opportunities in our club, and the visit coming up of our 5040 Governor, Don Evans and wife Deb.

Welcome to our Club!


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