Guests started arriving early on Saturday, May 4th, not surprising!  What a perfect night, lovely sunshine to walk in, summertime clothing even sandals, a great start to the evening.  This was topped off by the welcoming decor in the Christ the King Church Hall.  Wine barrels, grape arbors, Kerr mason jars and cross cuts of tree trunks on the tables. 200 wine glasses set out for the tastings.  Not to be overlooked the smiling faces of Rotarian greeters.
Background  music by the man himself, D. of K. councilor, Edwin Empinado, time for a couple of Rotarians to 'breath' before the action begins,
the behind the scenes action in the kitchen, exemplary staff of Seven Tables! 
Photo credit for the Wine tasting picture displayed on the carousel above - Devin Wall 
And what an evening it was!  Wines chosen for tasting were well received - 13 of them.  People's Choice red - Pirramimma - Shiraz from Australia.  People's Choice white - Greywacke - Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.  Scotch lovers tried four difference single malt Scotches and even had specific appetizers to clear their palettes.  Appetizers kept coming as servers from Seven Tables circulated throughout the room.  Beautifully presented and a treat to taste buds, it would be right to say the excellence here matched anything we would find in Vancouver.  The 50-50 draw brought in $700.00 plus (enough $s for our club to  send two students to RYLA Lakelse).  Final figures are not in yet so will share more in a future website story.