A trio of our Rotary Club's members headed to Mount Elizabeth Middle Secondary School last week with a $1,000 cheque for use by the Through the Cracks program.  The money will be used to provide support for some the schools less fortunate students.  Principal Geraldine Lawlor snapped the photo above sharing her enthusiasm for the work being done by LINK worker Debbie Dilg.  Art work done by the students was up on the walk along with their own "Words of Wisdom".  An inviting bowl of fresh fruit sat on a table, a fine example - how the funds will be used.  Principal Geraldine Lawlor smiled as we talked saying the funds will be used for food, bus passes, recreation passes, clothing.  Above, Eleanor Kendell, Debbie Dilg (community LINK worker), Gareen Ball and Jo Ann Hildebrandt.