Here we are with our Area Governor Brian Downie downstairs at the Chamber of Commerce to celebrate our year past and look forward to 2017-18. Brian officiated at our installation ceremony.
Sincere thanks went to our president, Gareen Ball, for her year in review.  There were many smiles in the room as she jogged our memories.  A Paul Harris award was presented to Tina Watchorn, a woman well known in Kitimat for her commitment to working with youths and adults who wish to hone their speech arts talents and showcase them in theatre and speech contests.  It was Gareen's pleasure to present the Rotarian of the Year Award to Jo Ann Hildebrandt.  Jo went the extra mile this year for our club carrying two roles secretary and treasure--and did them both to perfection.  We all know her commitment to children of this world and her "Polio Plus" work.  She has travelled to Ethiopia to administer the vaccine and is looking forward to another trip in the year future.  Our congratulations go to Jo, a most deserving recipient.  Jo was given a painting done by Tom Campbell, Rotarian Linda Campbell's husband, a child receiving the polio vaccine.
The evening ended with words from soon to be president Marianne Hemmy.  She shared some inspiring words and her promised energy to move our club forward this year. We all look forward to Making a Difference our 2017-18 Rotary theme.